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Via our new beta feature, enterprise owners can now revoke pending member invitations from the pending invitations page within the enterprise account:<enterprise>/pending_members. This beta feature only applies to enterprise member invitations not invites for enterprise administrators and outside collaborators.

To learn more, please read about viewing people in your enterprise.

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Enterprise administrators can now view a quick summary of the members associated with their enterprise on the enterprise account's member's page:<enterprise>/people. This new summary section breaks down user counts across roles, licenses, and deployments applicable to your enterprise.

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Our newly available ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification report can be downloaded now.

  • For enterprises, administrators may download this report by navigating to the Compliance tab of the enterprise account:"your-enterprise"/settings/compliance.
  • For organizations, owners may find these reports under 'Security' > Authentication Security settings tab of their organization:"your-org"/settings/security.
  • For everyone else, you may download this report at any time by navigating to the GitHub security page,

To learn more about this new report, check out our blog post.

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