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Until this release, when a manifest file included a version range of a package (e.g. version < 3), when GitHub generated an SBOM for that package, it would not include a package URL (purl). We have improved SBOM generation so that now, when a manifest file references a package in a range, we will include the purl, but not the version field, which is an optional element in the specification. This will result in more complete data than we'd previously generated in the SBOM, helping users more clearly identify the packages being used in their repository.

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Dependabot will now fail gracefully with informative error messages when an unsupported NuGet project type is encountered. If you were using an unsupported project type previously, Dependabot might have failed silently without producing updates. Dependabot is able to process updates to NuGet project files in the .csproj, .vbproj, and .fsproj formats.

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If you’re using starter workflows to prepare the build and release steps for your Java projects that use Gradle, these projects will now have more comprehensive dependency graph information in GitHub. The Gradle starter workflows have been updated to automatically submit transitive dependencies to GitHub, improving the quality of dependency graph data and Dependabot updates for these apps.

Learn more about the action these starter workflows use by checking out the Build with Gradle action on the GitHub Marketplace. Thank you Gradle for making these updates!

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Dependency graph now supports submissions through the dependency submission API (beta). This enables you to add dependencies, such as those resolved when software is compiled or built, to the dependency graph. Submitted dependencies will appear in a repository’s dependency graph and any associated vulnerabilities will trigger Dependabot alerts.

Releasing alongside the dependency submission API are the:

Learn more about the dependency submission API.

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