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Enterprises that use Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs) to authenticate their accounts via Azure Active Directory can now use Azure AD location-based Conditional Access policies to protect the use of PATs and SSH keys. This requires the use of a new OpenID Connect-based application rather than a SAML integration. To learn more, read about enforcing Azure AD Conditional Access for PATs and SSH keys.

Note: this feature is currently in public beta for new and existing Azure AD EMU enterprises.

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Enterprise owners can now prevent organization owners from inviting outside collaborators to repositories in their enterprise. The "Repository outside collaborators" policy includes an additional option, "Enterprise admins only", which restricts the ability to invite outside collaborators only to users with admin permissions to the enterprise. For more info, see "Enforcing a policy for inviting outside collaborators to repositories".

Shows the new option "Enterprise admins only" in the "Repository outside collaborators" policy

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