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We are rolling out a few minor updates to the user experience for GitHub repositories starting today, in order to be more responsive, performant and more easily accessed by a broader range of users.

Repository Overview:
Screenshot of repository overview page showing entering a letter to expand to go to file menu.

  • Go to file: Quickly get to the file you want from the top of every repository using our existing code search and navigation experience.
  • Special files: If you have Code of Conduct, License, or Security files in your repository, they are now shown in tabs alongside your README.

Screenshot of branches page showing the overview tab for branches of GitHub Docs repos.

  • Status checks: At a glance, see the status checks’ details on any branch.
  • Stale Branches: The overview page for branches no longer defaults to showing stale branches to improve load times. You can still easily see stale branches by clicking the “Stale branches” tab.

Screenshot of Commits page filtered by date and user.

  • Filters: New commits filters allow you to sort by users or limit results to specific date ranges.

These changes have been in a feature preview for the past few months and thanks to community insights, we’ve made several improvements that allowed us to now exit the preview, and bring these enhancements to everyone on GitHub. Join the conversation about this release in the community discussion.

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The redesigned GitHub navigation is now live for everyone! After a successful beta phase, which allowed users to test and provide feedback, we’re confident in providing a more intuitive, responsive, and accessible navigation experience to all users by default.

Image of the new global navigation

Key Features & Improvements:

  • Efficient Breadcrumbs: Navigate with a clear understanding of your location on GitHub.
  • Streamlined Menus: New menus facilitate quick access to top repositories, teams, and common workflows. Just click the menu icon on the upper-left to access the global menu, or your user profile for the user menu.
  • Built for Search: Optimized navigation for new code search experiences, inclusive of a quick-access button for the command palette.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Navigate seamlessly using any device and assistive technology.
  • Direct Links: Immediate access to a users entire collection of ‘issues’ and ‘pull requests’ across GitHub are availabel at the upper level of the navigation.
  • Mobile & Responsive Enhancements: Improved experiences on various screen sizes and devices.
  • Bug and Accessibility Fixes: Resolved issues to refine user interaction and accessibility.

Your Feedback Matters:

Your insights during the beta were invaluable. Thank you for helping us enhance GitHub. Explore and enjoy the refreshed navigation experience!

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An image titled "GitHub Global Navigation Beta" that shows the top of a GitHub webpage that has the new navigation UI.

The beta of GitHub’s redesigned site navigation is now enabled for everyone by default and includes additional improvements and bug fixes.


In April, the redesigned navigation beta became available to anyone who manually enabled it for their account. The changelog for that release included:

  • Breadcrumbs to provide you with a clear understanding of your location on GitHub.
  • New menus that make your top repositories and teams available from every page on GitHub.
  • A consistent, responsive, and more accessible experience that lets you navigate GitHub using any device and assistive technology.

Today’s release enables the new navigation beta for everyone by default and includes improvements based on feedback:

  • A separate button that opens the left menu, containing links to home, issues, pull requests, and discussions.
  • The GitHub icon links to the home dashboard.
  • Links to issues and pull requests at the upper level of the navigation, available in one click without opening a menu.
  • Improvements to the mobile and responsive experiences.
  • Bug fixes, including accessibility improvements.

Image of the new navigation, with the left menu open, featuring links to repositories and teams

We welcome your feedback on the new navigation beta in the feedback portal.

Note: While in beta, the new navigation can be switched on and off under Global navigation update in Feature preview.

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GitHub's navigation has been redesigned with a new look and improved user experience, and it's available to try in beta.

New breadcrumbs provide a clear understanding of your location within GitHub and its information architecture.

Screenshot of the navigation UI, highlighting the breacrbumbs

Streamlined menus:

There's a new global menu designed to highlight common workflows.

  • You can quickly access links to your dashboard, Issues, Pull Requests, and Discussions, as well as your repos and teams.
  • Your lists of top repos and teams are ordered by your usage, and can be expanded and filtered to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Access it by clicking the GitHub logo in the upper left corner.

The user menu has likewise been updated with a new design.

  • We've added links to documentation and customer support.
  • You can still access it by clicking your user profile in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of the navigation UI, with the left menu open to reveal the navigational links

The redesigned navigation is optimized to work with the new code search experience and introduces a button to quickly access the command palette.

Faster, more consistent, and more accessible

Under the hood, we have completely rearchitected the navigation across every feature to be faster and more consistent. It's also more accessible, built from the ground up to work with assistive technology.

Join the beta

To access the beta version of our redesigned navigation, go to Feature Preview and enable "Global navigation update."

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Implementation of the Primer NavigationList component and design upgrade to our user, organization, repository and teams settings pages has shipped to all users. The new NavigationList component groups similar settings pages into sections for improved information architecture and discoverability.

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user settings page redesign

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A command palette beta is now available for all users across Quickly navigate to your organizations and repositories, and use modes to find and jump-to pull requests, issues, projects, files, and more. Execute commands to optimize your workflows, all from the keyboard.

Open the command palette using one of the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows and Linux: Ctl k or Ctl alt k
  • Mac: ⌘ k or ⌘ option k

To open directly to command mode:

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl shift k or Ctl shift k
  • Mac: ⌘ shift k or ⌘ shift k

With the command palette open, use modes to find specific types of resources and execute commands:

  • > Enter command mode
  • # Search for issues, pull requests, discussions, and projects
  • ! Search for projects
  • @ Search for users, organizations, and repositories
  • / Search for files within a repository scope

Documentation, Share feedback

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