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~ cd github-changelog
~/github-changelog|main git log main
showing all changes successfully

The contribution graph now supports keyboard interaction and compatibility with assistive technologies. Users can navigate the graph and filter contributions using the keyboard. While navigating the graph, a summary of each day is displayed visually in a tooltip and announced by screen readers.

Image of a Contribution Graph with the contributions done on June 16 showing in a tooltip

Users can move keyboard focus to the contribution graph and then navigate it using the following commands:

  • Press arrow keys to navigate cell by cell
  • Press Page Up to navigate to the first cell in a column
  • Press Page Down to navigate to the last cell in a column
  • Press Home to navigate to the first cell in a row
  • Press End to navigate to the last cell in a row
  • Press Enter to filter content in the Contribution Activity section by the current cell

If the user is running a screen reader, it will announce the following text when the graph receives keyboard focus:

Contribution Graph, table, 54 columns, 8 rows.
User activity over 1 year of time. Each column is one week, with older weeks to the left. Select a cell to filter the "Contribution Activity" section.

When the user navigates to a cell, the screen reader will read a summary such as:

11 contributions on Monday, February 21, 2022.

We are excited to make one of our favorite GitHub features available to more users! If you encounter any issues with these changes, please leave a reply on this feedback discussion.

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You can now hide individual Achievements.
Navigate to Achievements on your profile sidebar and click on an achievement to get started. Once in the detail view, the eye icon will indicate the current visibility of the achievement. Click on the eye icon to hide the achievement. When hidden, they are only visible to you.

You can still opt out of Achievements as a whole in your Profile Settings.

For more information, see Changing the visibility of Achievements. If you have any feedback to help us improve Achievements, be sure to post it in our discussions forum.

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tortenfabrik-relaode_final!-Apple ProRes 422 HQ 2022-04-20 17_18_03

Now you can customize your organization's Overview page to show content dedicated to public users or members of the organization. A new member view is only visible to members of the organization and can be controlled in the sidebar to toggle between public and member view.

A README only visible to members

Similar to the public organization README that we released last year, you can now create a README that is only visible to members of your organization. In the .github-private repository the /profile/ will be displayed on your organization's Overview page.

Pinned private repositories

Organization owners are able to define a set of six public, private or internal repositories that are only visible to members of their organization, enabling members to quickly access popular or frequented repositories.

For more information about the new features, see "Customizing your organization's profile".

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Organizations can now display a on their profile Overview.

Start with creating a .github repository for the desired organization. Make sure it's public. Add a profile folder to your .github repository and add a file to the profile folder.

The contents of your file will appear on the Overview page of the organization, visible to everyone. For an example, see the GitHub Overview page or learn more in the documentation.

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