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GitHub Copilot Enterprise is now generally available

GitHub Copilot Enterprise, our most advanced AI offering to date, is now generally available. With GitHub Copilot Enterprise, you can:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s unique codebase: Copilot Chat in understands your code and streamlines code navigation and comprehension for developers.
  • Quickly access organizational knowledge and best practices: By letting developers attach knowledge bases (formerly known as docsets) to conversations, Copilot Chat in can answer questions based on your Markdown documentation stored on GitHub.
  • Review pull requests faster: With pull request summaries generated by GitHub Copilot and the ability to chat about changes in a pull request, reviewers can get up to speed on a pull request quickly and spend more time providing valuable feedback.

Following on from our limited public beta, we are bringing the following improvements to GitHub Copilot Enterprise today to make Copilot even smarter:

  • GitHub Copilot can now search Bing within chat conversations in to answer questions and find information outside of its general knowledge or your codebase (public beta).
  • You can now access your knowledge bases (formerly known as docsets) from any Copilot Chat conversation in with the “Attach knowledge” button. Organization owners can create knowledge bases from an organization’s settings.
  • GitHub Copilot knows about code as you browse, so you no longer have to be explicit about exactly what file, symbol or snippet you want to chat about.

Example conversation demonstrating how GitHub Copilot can access the code you are currently looking at

  • GitHub Copilot generates pull request summaries that are now more structured, with a “Summary” section that gives a high-level overview, and an “Outline” section that walks through the code.
  • GitHub Copilot can now analyze and explain any pull request diff, making it easier for pull request reviewers to understand changes and share great feedback.

Example conversation demonstrating how GitHub Copilot can explain and improve pull request diffs

Ready to give Copilot Chat in a try? Here are some suggested prompts to get you started:

  • Ask a question about recent events to trigger a Bing search: What updates were there in Node.js v20?
  • Open GitHub Copilot Chat on a repository and ask a question about the repository: Where is the turnOn function defined?
  • Open a file on and ask a question about that file: Draft unit test cases for each of the functions in the file I’m currently viewing
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The new year brings new features and improvements for the Copilot Enterprise! 🎆 These changes are focused on streamlined onboarding and ease of use.

As a reminder, Copilot Enterprise is currently in limited public beta. Enterprises can request access by signing up to the waitlist.

Semantic search can be enabled on any repository

Developers in an enterprise with access to Copilot Enterprise can now enable semantic search on a repository through the click of a button. Once a repository is indexed, Copilot has a much improved understanding of the code base in that repository and can answer questions via Copilot Chat in

Create docsets to access your company’s critical knowledge

Organizations with documentation hosted in GitHub repos and written in Markdown (.md, .mdx) can now create “docsets” and enable developers in those organizations to access that critical knowledge via Copilot Chat in

To get started, admins can create a docset, including the repositories that contain Markdown documentation.

Members of the corresponding organization can start to ask questions about the documentation by selecting the docset from Copilot’s “New conversation” UI in

An organization can have multiple docsets – so, for example, an admin could create a docset for each team with the repositories that are relevant to them.

Introducing Copilot chat for pull request diffs

Developers are now be able to ask Copilot Chat questions about diffs on To see this in action, simply navigate to a diff and use one of the following two entry points:

  1. Select some of the lines in the diff, and click on the icon on the right. You can click “Explain” to ask Copilot to explain those lines.
  2. You can also ask Copilot to chat about an entire file in the diff by clicking on the three dots at the top-right of the file in the diff. Click on “Ask Copilot about this diff” to start chatting about it.

Improved onboarding and discoverability

  • Enterprise admins have now access to improved onboarding as they enable Copilot Enterprise within their enterprise.
  • GitHub Copilot on can now be accessed via the search bar.
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