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Enterprise Managed Users can now enable secret scanning on their user namespace repositories. Owners of user repositories will receive secret scanning alerts when a supported secret is detected in their repository. User namespace repositories can also enable push protection.

In the enterprise level list of secret scanning alerts, enterprise owners can view all secrets detected in user namespace repositories. Enterprise owners can temporarily access user namespace repositories to view the secret details.

User namespace repositories are included in the security risk and coverage pages.

Secret scanning will also be supported on Enterprise Server personal repositories starting on GHES 3.13.

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers with enterprise managed users (EMU) can now integrate with Ping Federate as a formally supported SSO and SCIM identity provider in public beta. To get started, download the Ping Federate "GitHub EMU Connector 1.0" from the add-ons tab on the download page, under the "SaaS Connectors" heading. Add the connector to your Ping Federate installation and consult the Ping Federate documentation in addition to GitHub's SAML SSO and SCIM documentation for configuration.


The "GitHub EMU Connector" is maintained and supported by our partner, Ping Identity. Ping additionally maintains their own release notes for this connector.

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If you are an owner of an enterprise with GitHub Advanced Security, you can now enable secret scanning and push protection across your entire enterprise with only 1 click.

This new enablement setting also allows you to set a default custom link that will appear on a push protection block.

enterprise enablement

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC) customers can now participate in a private beta enabling audit log streaming to a Datadog endpoint. Audit log streaming to Datadog not only allows enterprises to satisfy long-term data retention goals but also analyze GitHub audit log data using the tools offered by Datadog.

GHEC administrators interested in participating in the private beta should reach out to your GitHub account manager or contact our sales team to make the feature available for your enterprise. Once enabled, administrators can follow the instructions for setting up streaming to Datadog and provide feedback on their experience at the audit log streaming to Datadog community discussion.

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