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Today’s Changelog brings you updates to project templates and historical charts, sticky group headers, and color improvements!

We’re continuing to make improvements to project templates for organizations (public beta). 👏

You can now view the project template that was used when a project was created. Once a template is used to create a new project, you can find and link back to the template from the project settings page in the “Templates” section. This allows you to reference the history of how a project was created and view any improvements made to the template since then.

templates settings page

You can also now use the CLI to mark a project as a template for members of your organization to use when getting started. The command will look like this:

gh project mark-template 1 --owner That-Lady-Dev

Check out the documentation for more details, and as well as the project CLI documentation to see all the possibilities of interacting with your projects from the terminal.

Be sure to drop a note in the feedback discussion to let us know how we can continue to improve project templates.

📜 Sticky group headers

Group headers are now sticky when scrolling through your project view. For example, if you have swimlanes on your board, scrolling to other columns and items will maintain the group name in view, making it easy for you to keep your place.

🎨 Updated colors for single select fields

The colors for single select fields have been updated, so you’ll now see the same colors within the field picker and on your project views.

single select field colors

➕ Create issues in board repository groups

You can now create issues when grouped by Repository on the board layout. Click Create new issue or start typing the title to get started.

creating issue in repository groups

📊 Updates to historical charts

Historical charts (available for GitHub Team and Enterprise Cloud plans) now show the state changes of your project items over time, allowing you to see how items have been opened and closed over time. This allows you to visualize the progress of your items over time, showing how much work has been completed and how much is left to do.

historical chart

Historical charts no longer support a Group by field.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Included the Slice by field configuration when you copy a project or use a project template
  • Improved the contrast of the roadmap today marker
  • Fixed the alignment between the filter bar and board columns
  • Fixed a bug where you could not copy a project or use a template if there were invalid disabled workflows
  • Fixed a bug where the view configuration menu alignement shifted when resizing a window
  • Updated the error message when setting a large column limit on board columns

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

Questions or suggestions? Join the conversation in the community discussion.

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Today’s Changelog brings you the brand new slice by, updates to issue forms, and a group menu across layouts!

🍕 Slice by

You can now slice by field values in your project views! Configuring a Slice by field allows you to quickly toggle through and review your project items broken down by a field, saving you additional filters and views to quickly understand the state and details of your project. While you can slice by your issue and project fields to customize your view, some helpful slice by views include:
– Single select fields to view items broken up by status, priority, or team
Labels to group items by repository labels
Assignees to see who is working on what


Select a Slice by field from the view configuration menu. This will pull the field values into the panel on the left, allowing you to click through the values in the list to adjust the items shown in the view.

See it in action on the GitHub public roadmap, and check out the documentation for more details.

📋 Updates to issue forms

You can now configure custom issue forms to automatically add an issue to a project as well as set defaults for drop downs by adding a YAML form definition file to the /.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE folder in your repository.

issue form yaml syntax

For more comprehensive instructions on syntax for issue forms, check out the documentation.

We’re looking to improve the experience around issue forms and templates. If you have any feedback 👉 drop a comment in our community discussion!

Group menu for item and group actions

We’ve added a group menu to quickly take action on items in a group or on the group itself. Click ... from the group header on your tables, boards, or roadmaps to archive or delete all items in a group, edit the group details directly, hide the group from the view, or delete it from your project.

group menu

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed keyboard navigation and focus when navigating to Make a copy from the project ... menu
  • Fixed group header spacing on the roadmap layout
  • Fixed a bug where using the @next filter qualifier for iteration fields was referencing the incorrect iteration
  • Fixed a bug with the numerical Field sum decimal precision

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

Questions or suggestions? Join the conversation in the community discussion.

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Today's Changelog brings you board swimlanes and the ability to create issues in repository groups!

🏊 Board swimlanes

You can now configure swimlanes on your boards by selecting a Group by field from the view configuration menu. This allows you to break up your items by different workstreams, team members, or priorities, similar to groups on tables and roadmaps. Drag and drop your items between columns and groups to quickly make adjustments, or add a new item directly.


➕ Create issues in repository groups

You can now create issues when grouped by Repository on the table and roadmap layout. Click Create new issue or start typing the title to get started.


See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

Questions or suggestions? Join the conversation in the community discussion.

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Today's Changelog includes updates to project templates, a pinned item side panel, and pull request support in tasklists!

🎨 Project template updates

Since we announced the public beta of project templates for organizations, we've made improvements to what is included in a template. Any configured workflows (other than the Auto-add to project workflow), project insights, and custom fields for draft items are now included when you use a project template or make a copy of a project.

Select a template when creating a new project to see a preview of what is included.

template dialog

As we continue to build out more functionality for project templates we would love your feedback and to hear more about your experiences and requests. Check out the documentation for more details.

📌 Pinned item side panel

You can now pin the item side panel in your project by selecting the pin icon in the top right corner. This allows for triage mode where you can interact with the project view while an item remains open in the side panel.


🏗 Tasklists: pull request support + bug fixes and improvements

Tasklists now support pull requests as items and you can create tasklists inside of pull requests! If you have already been putting tasklists into pull requests only to have them fail on you, failure no more. ✨

We've also made the following improvements to tasklists:

  • You can now drag and drop issues between groups when grouped by Tracked by
  • Text in issue hovercards for issues with tasklists now correctly renders issue descriptions
  • We improved the rendering of tasklists in email notifications
  • Tasklists no longer cause legacy task lists to be "off by 1"
  • Clicking Esc after selecting a single-line metadata menu now maintains the focus
  • Long URLs no longer extend past the borders of tasklists

🤸 Reorder fields in settings

You can now reorder your custom fields in the project settings by dragging and dropping them in the list to update the order that they appear in the item side panel and on the issue page. Once you've rearranged your fields, open an issue in the side panel to see your changes!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Using Delete or pasting an empty value now clears the cell on the table layout
  • You can now undo drag and drop actions and archiving of an item using Command/Ctrl + Z
  • Fixed a bug where switching between views autoscrolled you to the right

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today's Changelog brings you sorting improvements, the ability to select a template or form when creating a new issue from your project and adding a new option to a single select field from the side panel!

🗄 Improvements to sorting fields

You can now sort items in a view using two different fields. Select Sort by in the view menu and select a primary sort field, and then hold down Alt (Option on MacOS) to select the secondary sort field.

Accessing issue templates in Projects

When creating a new issue directly from a project, you can now choose an issue template or form to apply.

Simply use the + button in the project omnibar and select Create new issue to get started.

image shows a number of options for different issue templates and forms

Adding a new single-select field option from the side panel

We've updated the side panel so that you can add a new option when editing a single-select field. Start typing and you'll be prompted to add a new option if the text doesn't match an existing option.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Items can now be dragged into collapsed groups in the roadmap layout
  • Empty cells can now be copied and pasted in the table layout
  • Export view data now includes the URL for issues and pull requests
  • Emojis now render in the browser tab title
  • Fixed a bug where you could not copy and paste Assignee information outside of a project
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use Tab to navigate Assignee values on board items
  • Your classic project link now has a working URL after completing migration

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Swiftly add content to new issues on GitHub Mobile

Introducing a new way of adding metadata while creating issues on GitHub Mobile

We are excited to enhance the Issue creation experience for GitHub Mobile by introducing a comprehensive Property Bar. This feature allows you to conveniently add assignees, labels, milestones, and projects while creating Issues on GitHub Mobile.

This powerful addition ensures that you have the necessary tools at your fingertips to create your issues with all relevant metadata even quicker than before.

Read more about GitHub Mobile and send us your feedback to help us improve.

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Today's Changelog brings you copy and paste improvements, updates to the API in projects and a flurry of tasklist updates.

📋 Copy and paste improvements

Copying table cells has been updated from plain text to rich text! Rich formatting like bold, inline code and links will now be maintained when copying and pasting data from a project. This allows better direct pasting when working across applications like Excel, Sheets, and GitHub Markdown editors. We've also made other small improvements like updating the CSV format to export tab-separated, instead of comma-separated files as well as, copying GitHub handles instead of full names.

🌐 Updated title tab in browser 

By popular demand, we've updated the tab title bar in your browser to display Issue nameView nameProject name in that order. This also applies to bookmarks and social titles!

💅 Support filtering on field schema in ProjectsV2SingleSelectField

Returning all of the options for a single select field can make our API's response hard for users to parse. You can now filter the options array by name when using GraphQL to fetch only the contents of a single select field that you care about!

query {
  organization(login:"github") {
    projectV2(number:6051) {
      creator {
        ... on User { login }
      field(name:"Status") {
        ... on ProjectV2SingleSelectField {
          options(names:["On hold ⏰", "Done"]) {

🎨 Tasklist redesign, accessibility improvements

Tasklists got a refresh! Alongside making the drag and drop functionality a bit more discoverable, we've added separators between items in your tasklist and made other small design tweaks.

As part of this redesign, tasklists are now more easily read by screen readers and can be navigated with tab as well as the arrow keys. We've moved previously inaccessible actions, like converting a draft task to an issue or clicking the assignee placeholder to edit assignees, into the three dot menu for each task.

➕ Bulk add tasklist issues to projects

You can now add any new items which have appeared in your issue's tasklist with a click of a button! Simply group by the Tracked by field and add all of the missing children directly and automatically to your project.

⭐ Add to project from projects side panel

Has this ever happened to you? You're managing issues in your project and you use the breadcrumb navigation to to open an issue you want to edit but you find its not yet in the project so you can't access project fields?! 😖

Well, fear not, we've added the ability to quickly add any issue you open in the projects side panel to your project so you can more easily edit project metadata on your issues!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Hiding columns in board view no longer errors for column names with multiple words
  • Improved performance on dragging rows
  • Fixed wrapping format when editing custom fields in the View menu
  • The Select column action is now available for non-editable columns
  • Users can now select more than 50 cells at a time
  • Fixed a bug so that if all characters are deleted in a draft issue title and the draft is closed, the title will revert back to the state before all characters were deleted
  • As part of the work towards removing the 1200 item limit on projects. Table row numbers will now always show in ascending order for the items in the view. Rather than showing a global number which may have included spaces for items filtered out of the view.
  • Resolved a bug in tasklists where merged pull requests were showing as "closed," reverted back to showing issue icons, full pull request support coming soon!
  • When creating a new field in a view, we’ve updated the behaviour to confirm on cancel so that new field is not lost with user clicks outside of the dialog
  • Fixed styling of the Transfer issue alert when dragging across groups is visually broken

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today's Changelog brings you board column limits, an improved item menu to move your board items and updates to Issue hierarchy powered by tasklists!

🔢 Board column limits

You can now set column limits on the board layout to help you limit your work in progress as well as promote focus on the items that really matter. Column limits are based off of the number of items in a column, and are unique to each board view.

To configure a limit, set the value from the column's ... menu. If you exceed the limit, the value will be highlighted in red.

As always, we'd love to hear from you! Let us know your feedback in our community discussion.

Updated menu to move board items

Following our support for bulk updates and keyboard shortcuts, we've made it even easier to move the items on your boards. Select the item ... menu to move an item to the top or bottom of a column, or to a different column altogether.

➕ Add tasklist button

a picture of the same issue in projects and in issues which shows the new add tasklist button on the bottom left of the issue description

You may have noticed a new button has appeared on issues and the projects side-panel! You can now easily add tasklists to your issues without ever having to enter your issue's Markdown.

📁 Drag and drop improvements in table layout

Items can be dragged into collapsed groups in the table layout. Items can also be dragged and dropped across groups when sorting is enabled.

🏗️ Export project view as a CSV file

You can now download a view by selecting the view menu and clicking Download CSV.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 2 42 26 PM

👀 Upcoming change to insights

Historical charts will no longer support group by values. We will be phasing historical charts out over the next couple of months and no new accounts will be added to the existing support.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a permissions bug when reordering fields within a group
  • Single select edit option modal updates preview label text
  • Updated icon color of Make a copy icon
  • Fixed visual bug on Delete project and Issue transfer modals
  • Can now delete a project if there is an emoji in the name
  • Issue title created using the Add item bar now populates in the issue create modal
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for metadata edits (improvements to this coming soon!)
  • Tasklists now throw an error (instead of silently failing) when formatting is incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where tasklist name changes were not being persisted
  • Fixed a regression where tasklists did not show the preview title when adding issues
  • Fixed a regression in the tasklist omnibar which broke the autocomplete functionality
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from selecting multiple rows in the table
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't copy assignees table cells

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today's Changelog brings you project templates, support for tasklists on mobile, and bulk edit support on boards!

🎨 Project templates for organizations

Project templates for organizations are now in public beta! Building upon the recently released ability to copy an existing project you can now create, save and reuse projects with templates, helping you save time and create a consistent approach to managing your projects.

To get started with project templates:

  • Project admins will see a new option Make template on the settings page that will set the project as a template.
  • If you want to keep your current project, but think it will make a great template, admins and write access users will see the option to Copy as template, which will create a new version without your issues and pull requests as a template.
  • To see all templates, simply search for is:template on the projects page.
  • When creating a new project, you will see available templates in the sidebar.

image shows a number of project template options when starting a new project

As we continue to build out more functionality for project templates we would love your feedback and to hear more about your experiences and requests. Check out the docs for more details.

📱 Tasklists on Mobile


Tasklists now render on mobile! View progress on your initiatives, epics, umbrella issues (or whatever your team calls them) on the go!

Tasklists are currently in private beta, and you can sign your organization up on the waitlist.

💪 ⌨️ Bulk updates and keyboard navigation on boards

Kanban enthusiasts rejoice! We've added the ability for users to bulk update cards on their boards with either mouse drag and drop or keyboard navigation. To select more than one card, simply hold Ctrl/Command and click on the cards you wish to move. For keyboard warriors, tab to the card you wish to drag, hold shift and navigate to other cards you wish to update, and press enter to select and move the selected cards.

For more detailed information, find a full list of keyboard shortcuts in the docs.

👁️ Persistent collapsed groups on tables and roadmaps

When you collapse a group in the table or roadmap layout, the group will remain collapsed when you return to the view. This is only the case for your view and will not be applied for anyone else.

🎨 Updates to single-select color options

If other values in this field already have a color, a color will be auto-assigned to any new values added to the field.

📋 Copying values in tables

You can now select and copy a range of cells. Use Ctrl/Command + a keyboard command once to select a row and twice to select all cells, and Ctrl/Command + c to copy values. You can then paste values in other text editors using Ctrl/Command + v.

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Tasklists bug fixes and improvements:

  • Updated the iconography for "saving" tasklists
  • Set a limit of 512 characters for draft tasks
  • Fixed a bug where users were seeing a red error banner with the message "An error occured while loading your tasklist."

Other changes include:

  • Updated the Auto-archive workflow confirmation dialog to show number of items archived
  • Fixed inconsistent text highlighting in code search filter input
  • Added the ability to exit the label dialog without using a mouse

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Previously, all attached (drag-and-dropped) images and videos on GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, Discussions, and wikis were available to view without authentication if you knew their direct URL. Now, future attachments associated with private repositories can only be viewed after logging in. This doesn’t apply retroactively to existing attachments, which are obfuscated by having a long, unguessable URL.

Email notifications sent from private repositories will no longer display images; each image is replaced by a link to view it on the web. Content inside a Git repository is not affected by this change and has always required authentication for private repositories.

Learn more about attaching files.

Questions or suggestions? Join the conversation in the community discussion.

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Today's Changelog brings you an easy way to set base project permissions and tasklists improvements!

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Set Base Permissions in Projects

Organization admins can now set default project permissions. Project admins can always update permissions on their projects, but by changing the base permission, organization admins can change the default between admin, read, write or no access upon project creation.

🐞 Tasklists Bug Fixes

Thanks to your continued feedback we continue to make improvements for our tasklist users week over week!

  • Fixed a bug in projects where navigating to an item in the tasklist, going back to the parent, then navigating back to the same item was resulting in a strange and broken display
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with meta-data edits on tasklists too quickly resulted in users being pushed to a nonsensical blank page
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on labels in tasklists sometimes changed their order
  • Fixed a bug related to converting issues where sometimes draft tasks were not displayed as an issue until after the page was refreshed
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to make changes to item meta-data after dragging and dropping items in the tasklist
  • Fixed a bug where converting too many issues at once sometimes broke tasklists
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping while the tasklist was syncing resulted in the drag and drop not being registered
  • Fixed a bug where changing meta-data while converting an issue made the meta-data not reflect on the tasklist
  • Fixed a bug where pressing ESC when changing metadata resulted in weird UI

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved speed on copy and paste behavior in the table view
  • Fixed omnibar margins and positioning in the roadmap layout
  • Workflow save button validation check now works without needing to refresh the page
  • Fixed several filter bar bugs
    • Clicking on the assignee icon no longer removes the assignee:@me filter
    • Clicking on milestones with a no longer ? depopulates the filter

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today's Changelog brings you bulk editing in the table layout and improvements to tasklists!

🦖 Bulk editing in tables

You can now update multiple cells in a column at once!

Update a range of cells in any column by dragging the small blue rectangle in the bottom right of any cell up or down. You can also use keyboard commands to paste values into multiple cells at the same time.

  • 1⃣ Copy a value, using Command+C (Mac) or Ctrl+C (Windows)
  • 2⃣ Select a range of cells by clicking on a cell, holding Shift and clicking a different cell in the column or select non-neighboring cells by clicking a cell and selecting multiple cells while holding down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows)
  • 3⃣ Paste values into selected cells, using Command+V (Mac) or Ctrl+V (Windows)

✅ Tasklist lockless editing & live Projects updates

The hierarchy team has been hard at work improving tasklist performance on issues and in the Projects sidepanel speeding up editing and control of tasks by 2x! We call this class of improvements "lockless editing" and we're working on baking this approach into all tasklist operations in the future.

We've also improved the speed of tasklists updates reflecting in your projects. Changes to the Tracked by and Tracks columns, which could previously take minutes are now reflected in real-time. 🎉

🐞 Tasklist bug fixes and improvements

  • Added a confirmation dialog when selecting the "Delete Tasklist" option in the three-dot-menu
  • Added a toast to prevent users adding more than 1,200 items to their project (the current project limit) when grouped by Tracked by
  • Improved logic and handling of issues with long titles and multiple labels
  • Fixed the item state icon when a Tracked by issue is closed as not planned
  • Increased the width of the Tracked by filter suggestion so users can now read the entire issue title without truncation
  • Added support for issue deletion and transfers within tasklists and issues with tasklists
  • When filtering by Tracked By in your project, items added will now show up in the last tasklist of the issue you are filtering by
  • The tasklist button in the Markdown toolbar now accepts other kinds of list types as well as titles when highlighting text and clicking the tasklist button
  • Fixed an error where some users weren't able to see issues with tasklists in the Tracked by search menu in the project filter
  • Fixed a bug where private issues were being displayed when grouped by Tracked by
  • Fixed a bug where completion data for the Tracks column was stuck in a loading state
  • Fixed an error where tasks were sometimes "reverting" to previous state after a user action
  • Fixed a bug where users who did not have write-access to the repository, but did have write-access to the issue were not able to access the tasklist omnibar
  • Fixed incorrect display of the Tracked by pill in the project item side-panel

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Enabled scrolling on the project description panel
  • Added the Repository field pill to board items when toggling it from the Fields menu
  • Fixed project and workflow filtering to support unmatched quotes
  • Fixed a rendering issue when displaying multiple field sums
  • Fixed a bug where some Mermaid diagrams were not rendering in the projects side-panel
  • Fixed a bug where leading whitespaces caused a filter to error

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today we are announcing the general availability (GA) of roadmaps in GitHub Projects! 🎉

🗺 Roadmaps for all

Since we announced the public beta of roadmaps earlier this year, we've shipped exciting updates that allow you to quickly adjust your roadmaps and visualize and track work with important milestones and dates, alongside lots of bug fixes and improvements. Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta for all of the feedback! 💖

To get started with a roadmap, select the roadmap layout when creating a new project, or create a new roadmap in an existing project by selecting "Roadmap" in the view options menu.

📍 Track important dates with roadmap markers

If you are using milestones to track progress for larger bodies of work, iteration fields to plan out your weeks and months, or date fields for important deadlines, roadmap markers help you and your team keep track of important upcoming dates. Configure these from the Markers menu to make sure all of your important dates are visible on your roadmap.
Roadmap with markers

Quickly adjust roadmap items

Plans often change, and so can your roadmaps! Quickly make edits to your roadmap items by dragging and dropping them to a different date or iteration, or moving them to another status or team.

Other enhancements

  • Create a roadmap from the Select a template dialog when creating a new project
  • Edit item titles directly from the table
  • Use arrow keys for navigating table items
  • Use the floating + Add items bar when there is no 'Group' field selected
  • Resize the table using keyboard navigation

Tell us what you think!

We want to hear from you! Be sure to drop a note in the discussion and let us know how we can improve. Check out the documentation for more details.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Enabled vertical scrolling in the Workflows page
  • Fixed a bug where the New column menu was appearing again when adding a new board column
  • Fixed a bug where the Add selected items button was out of view in the bulk-add pane
  • Updated the github-project-automation link in the issue timeline to redirect to Automating your project documentation
  • Moved reactions on issues and pull requests to the bottom left of the comment box, making it easier to respond after reading and creating consistency with discussions
  • (Tasklists Private Beta) "Convert to Issue" is now more discoverable on the tasklist item versus in the three-dot menu
  • (Tasklists Private Beta) Fixed a bug where some repository names were getting cut off

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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GitHub users write a lot of Markdown; so much so that we render 2 billion Markdown files everyday; at peak times, we're processing 1,300 Markdown files a second! Any opportunity we have to shave a few seconds off of the Markdown authoring experience on GitHub is time well-spent.

Introducing Markdown Helpers powered by Slash Commands

To use Markdown Helpers, simply type / on Issues, Pull Requests, or Discussion descriptions/comments and use the subsequent dialog to choose from a number of useful Markdown shortcuts.

Use shortcuts like /table to make Markdown tables a breeze, or /details to make selectively showing content to readers much easier than remembering the HTML formatting.

As part of our first release, we've included 6 out-of-the-box features which we hope will help teams author Markdown faster and with less context switching:

  • Code Block
    • Support for language-specific syntax highlighting
  • Details
    • Specify details that the reader can open and close on demand
  • Saved Replies
  • Table
    • Easily insert Markdown Tables
  • Templates
    • Easily populate your Repository's Issue or Pull Request templates directly from Slash Commands!
  • Tasklist
    • Easily insert a Tasklist
    • Note: Tasklists are currently in Private Beta, only users in organizations added to the Private Beta will see this option)

We'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to check out the official Slash Commands documentation for more details on the commands we're releasing today.

Anything we missed? Got an idea for a great Slash Commands feature?

Please leave us some feedback in our Feedback Discussion about how you'd like to use Slash Commands on GitHub.

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Today's Changelog brings you auto-add and auto-archive workflows for all users to make managing your project a breeze, and tasklists improvements!

🤖 Automatically add and archive project items

We previously announced the public beta of the auto-archive workflow and the auto-add workflow for Enterprise users, and today we are excited to share these are now available to everyone!

From the Workflows page in your project, configure the filter criteria for when you want to automatically archive items from your project via Auto-archive items, as well as automatically adding items from a repository to your project via Auto-add to project.

Note Multi-repository auto-add workflows are only available to Team and Enterprise users

✅ Tasklist improvements

As part of our ongoing Private Beta for Tasklists, we continue to ship weekly improvements! We're letting in new organizations regularly, sign yours up here.

🟣 See completion pills for issues

Issues in your tasklist now have completion pills which indicate whether or not they have children, making it easier to understand how close your tasklist is to completion.

✏️ Edit issue metadata directly from the tasklist

Quickly make edits to assignees, labels and projects straight from a tasklist.

🐞 Tasklist bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where labels and assignee meta-data took a very long time to be reflected on tasklists
  • Better support for issue deletion and transfer of issues within tasklists
  • Fixed a visual bug with tasklist drag-and-drop
  • Fixed a bug where long task titles broke tasklists
  • Fixed a bug where empty tasks broke tasklists

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed misaligned field pills on board items
  • Fixed misaligned board columns when grouped by an iteration field
  • Fixed a bug where closed projects were included in the project count

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today's Changelog brings you roadmap markers and command line support for Projects!

📍 Markers on roadmaps

Keep track of upcoming dates in your roadmap by visualizing the due dates of your milestones, iteration durations and breaks, and additional date fields as vertical markers. Configure these from the Markers menu to display them on the view.

💻 Manage projects from the command line

Interact with projects, items, and fields from your favorite terminal with the GitHub CLI projects extension.

To install the extension in gh:

$ gh extension install github/gh-projects


$ gh projects -h
Work with GitHub Projects. Note that the token you are using must have 'project' scope, which is not set by default. You can verify your token scope by running 'gh auth status' and add the project scope by running 'gh auth refresh -s project'.

  projects [command]

Available Commands:
  close        Close a project
  copy         Copy a project
  create       Create a project
  delete       Delete a project
  edit         Edit a project
  field-create Create a field in a project
  field-delete Delete a field in a project
  field-list   List the fields in a project
  help         Help about any command
  item-add     Add a pull request or an issue to a project
  item-archive Archive an item in a project
  item-create  Create a draft issue item in a project
  item-delete  Delete an item from a project
  item-edit    Edit a draft issue in a project
  item-list    List the items in a project
  list         List the projects for a user or organization
  view         View a project

  -h, --help   help for projects

Use "projects [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Share your feedback in the repository.

Learn more about extensions (and how to build your own!) in this GitHub blog.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Implemented auto-scrolling in a board column when reordering items
  • Fixed a bug where an existing workflow couldn't be renamed
  • Fixed a clipped tooltip for the top item in a roadmap view
  • Fixed a bug where an auto-add workflow with / in the name couldn't be duplicated (Enterprise users only)
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting an additional auto-add workflow (Enterprise users only)

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today’s Changelog brings you updates to workflows, roadmaps, our API and makes cross organization projects a breeze!

➕ Automatically add items from multiple repositories

Last month, we shared the latest automation to help you automatically add relevant items to your project! However, if your project pulls from multiple repositories, this wasn’t enough. Today, we’re shipping the ability to create up to 3 copies of the auto-add workflow.

After configuring and enabling the initial auto-add workflow, open the context menu in the workflow list and select Duplicate workflow to create a new auto-add workflow.

Note Multi-repository auto-add is currently only shipped to Enterprise users

🗺 Reordering roadmap items

Alongside sorting your roadmap items by a field to organize your view, you can now reorder your items by dragging and dropping them in the table. Quickly make adjustments to the ordering of your items or move them to a different group altogether with the new drag-and-drop functionality.

↔️ Add cross-organization issues and pull requests to Projects

We’ve made it easier to use Projects across different organizations, previously this required pasting URLs to a project directly. With this improvement you can:

  • Search within different organizations for issues or pull requests directly from the omnibar. Just hit # followed by the organization name and a / to start searching within that organization.
  • Add items via the existing GraphQL API endpoint, addProjectV2ItemById, which will now accept an Issue or Pull Request from a different organization when adding to a Project.

a user searches for issues across organizations using the syntax org-name/repo-name

📊 Projects GraphQL API improvements

We’ve released new endpoints to our Projects GraphQL API providing the ability to create new projects, create project fields and delete project fields. Check out the docs below to find out more:

  • createProjectV2Field:
  • deleteProjectV2Field:
  • deleteProjectV2:

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a focus problem which caused the page to ‘jump’ when scrolling immediately after posting an issue comment.
  • Resolved a problem stopping TGZ file uploads working on Safari and Firefox.
  • Fixed file upload failures in Issue Forms when focus was quickly switched between markdown editors.
  • Fixed a bug where closed iterations couldn’t have their dates changed into the future
  • Fixed a minor bug where View tab width was incorrect when zoomed in
  • Fixed a small visual bug for Beta workflows where the pill was off-center

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today’s changelog brings you the addition of colors and descriptions for single-select fields, as well as improvements to both roadmaps and tasklists!

🎨 Single-select field colors and descriptions

Make it easier for your team to scan projects and take action by adding color and descriptions to single select fields. To update a field, go to settings and select the pencil icon next to the custom single-select field you want to update.

🗺 Roadmaps improvements

If plans change and you need to make adjustments to your roadmap, you can now resize and move items between iterations. Drag and drop your items to quickly make your changes when using an iteration as a Date field on your roadmap.

You are also now able to resize the table in a roadmap view to create the space you need, similar to resizing a column in a table view.

Tasklists improvements

Tasklists are currently in private beta but we’re letting folks in as fast as we can. If you haven’t already, be sure to join the waitlist!

We’ve recently shipped the below improvements, so let us know what you think.
– Navigate via the side-panel when grouped by Tracked by
– Open and navigate in the side-panel by clicking the Tracks completion pill
– Automatically update your filter by clicking on the “Tracked by” text in the Tracked by field in board layout

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Leverage copyProjectV2 in the GraphQL API to copy a project
  • Manually reorder items on a sorted table view
  • Edit single-select fields directly from a board column with the new Edit details menu option
  • Auto-save single-select field changes in project settings

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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Today we are announcing the public beta of roadmaps in GitHub Projects! 🎉

Last November at GitHub Universe, we announced the private beta for roadmap. With your help and feedback over the last three months, we have shipped many exciting updates making it easier for you to visualize and plan your work over time, understand what is in progress or coming up next, and keep your team and stakeholders up to date.


🗺 Creating a roadmap

You can quickly build a roadmap alongside the same table and board views you already know and love.

When creating a roadmap, use existing date or iteration fields in your project to populate your items on the roadmap or create a new field from the Date fields menu. Set the zoom level to Month, Quarter, or Year depending on how granular you need your roadmap to be.

➕ Adding items and dates

Adding roadmap items works just like adding project items in any other view. Use the + Add item to search for or create a new issue, or type to create a draft placeholder. Once you’ve added the item, assign it to a specific date or within an iteration with a single click.

If plans change (which they often do!), you can adjust and move an item directly on the roadmap to reflect the new plan.

🎨 Customizing the view

Customizing your roadmap helps you create a tailored view for you and your teams. Select a group by field to segment and bucket your items by a custom field, such as status or team. This allows you to visually separate your items to understand both how they line up with each other and how long they all are expected to take.

Select a sort by field to further organize your roadmap, and specify a filter so that you only include relevant project items.

Tell us what you think!

We’ve got more improvements planned but we want to hear from you! Be sure to drop a note in the discussion and let us know how we can improve! Check out the documentation for more details.

If you would like to request access for the tasklists private beta to visualize the hierarchy of your items on the roadmap, sign up on the waitlist.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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This week, we’ve shipped a new experience for creating issues directly from Projects, improved sorting by custom fields across all layouts, and fixed a few bugs.

📝 Create issues in a snap with the new issue creation dialog

Create new issues quickly and easily by clicking the + icon on the omnibar and selecting Create new issue. Add labels, select a milestone, and assign to a teammate without ever leaving your project.

🗂 Sorting by field values on the board layout

Sort by field values on the board layout to easily organize your work items within your board columns. Select a sorting field from the view configuration menu to reorder items within each column, and move your items freely between columns while still maintaining the sorted order.

✅ Tasklists (Private Beta) improvements & bug fixes

Tasklists is currently in Private Beta but we’re letting folks in as fast as we can, join the waitlist!

We’ve recently shipped a major refactor to tasklists, so bear with us and help us by reporting problems you run into!

🐛Tasklists bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where transferring Issues broke tasklists
  • Stopped inserting superfluous newlines around tasklists
  • Stopped showing duplicate labels on tasklists

✨ Tasklists enhancements

  • Edit history now reflects the changes made to the tasklists in Markdown
  • Tasklists preserve inserted Markdown instead of callously disposing of all “non-tasks”
  • Support for bold, italicize, strike text out, link and code formatting
  • Ability to @ mention people in tasks
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