GitHub Enterprise is a fundamental part of the software development lifecycle with features that enable administrators and users to work seamlessly together. In December 2022, we announced that enterprise accounts are coming to all GitHub Enterprise customers in a phased roll-out. If you missed this update, let’s talk about what an enterprise account is.

Enterprise accounts enable you to manage and scale your users and organizations. This core management layer interweaves the enterprise-wide innersource experience with administrative features. When you have an enterprise account, you are able to take advantage of using GitHub Enterprise features like GitHub Actions, security overview, audit log streaming, and more. Enterprise accounts also empower users to take advantage of paid add-ons, such as GitHub Advanced Security and GitHub Copilot.

A new unified experience

Today, all new GitHub Enterprise customers will have access to an enterprise account. What customers will experience is a unified enterprise experience–meaning that no matter how you begin your journey with GitHub Enterprise, you will be able to access all the newest and best features within the platform.

For our enterprise customers who have a single organization and no enterprise account today, we haven’t forgotten you. Enterprise accounts are on the horizon for you as well. Soon, you can expect a free upgrade to be available that will help you set-up your entitled enterprise account. This upgrade will be a slow roll-out and may take several months before reaching you and we ask for your patience as we bring this upgrade to you.

Looking ahead

If you want to see what this experience is all about, start a free trial and check out the GitHub Enterprise experience by visiting our homepage.

Look out for future blog posts on how to take advantage of your GitHub Enterprise account and enterprise updates coming soon.