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The new Scheduled Reminders UI

We made significant enhancements to schedule reminders experience in GitHub app for Microsoft Teams.

  • We have introduced a first class UI to configure your pending pull request reminders. And as part of this UI, we added a bunch of advanced controls that will help you in fine tuning your reminders.
  • We relaxed the administrator requirement to configure reminders. Now, any contributor can schedule reminders in MS Teams for the repositories he/she has access.

This will ensure you get reminders for the pull request that need your attention and there is no unnecessary noise in the channel.
Learn more about schedule reminders here.

Issue card updates

We made few more improvements to the issue notifications experience.

  • Introduced issue comment, close/reopen capabilities in GitHub personal app.
  • Made few updates to the look and feel of the GitHub issue notification card.

For more information visit the GitHub app guidance for Microsoft Teams.

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