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We’ve enhanced Custom Organization Roles by adding fine-grained permissions for GitHub Actions. Now, with Enterprise Cloud plans, organization owners can assign members and teams specific permissions for managing various aspects of Actions, including:

  • Actions general settings
  • Organization runners and runner groups
  • Actions secrets
  • Actions variables

These additional settings allow organization owners to delegate CI/CD automation management responsibilities to individuals or teams without granting access to any other organization owner privileges.

Please refer to our documentation for more detail about GitHub Actions fine grained permissions with Custom Organization Roles.

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Starting today, in Actions workflows, the pull_request_target trigger is now supported for repository rulesets that require a successful workflow run. This is in addition to pull_request and merge_group, making pull_request_target the third workflow trigger supported by repository rulesets.

Read our recent general availability announcement to learn more about how organizations can set up policies with repository rules that require a successful workflow run before code can be merged into its repositories.

Learn more in our repository rulesets documentation and don’t forget to ask questions or leave feedback in the community discussion.

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