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When we introduced GitHub Discussions in 2020, we allowed users to mark an answer to a question in the "Q&A" Discussions category. As the feature began getting more usage, we noticed that often, the real answer to a question may live in a reply to an answer. Today, we are introducing the ability for users to mark a threaded reply as the answer to a question.

All replies will now have a button to allow the questioner to mark them as the answer.
Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 3 11 51 PM

Marking the reply as the answer highlights it and makes it clear to the reader where the real answer to the original question lives.
Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 3 12 33 PM

This feature improves the accuracy of marked answers, while also reducing the burden on users to duplicate their text to get their answer marked as correct.

For questions or feedback, please visit our community.

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We're excited to share four improvements that we think will improve how moderators maintain their communities. Our goal with thesse improvements is to help moderators of large communities distribute the workload of maintaining healthy discourse. The improvements we're proposing are:

  1. Allowing users with the triage role to make the following changes (only within Discussions):
    a. Move Discussions to a different cateogory
    b. Convert Issues to Discussions in bulk
    c. Hide Discussion comments
    d. Edit and delete Discussion comments
  2. Allowing users with the triage role to report content. (Impacts Discussions, Issues, PRs).
  3. Let prior contributors be able to report content by default in new repos. (Impacts Discussions, Issues, PRs).
  4. Maintainers can choose to let ALL users report content. (Impacts Discussions, Issues, PRs).

The first two changes to the triage role impact existing users with that permission. These changes slightly increase the scope of what the role can do – but we believe that these changes are consistent with how the majority of maintainers are trying to use the triage role.

Changes 3 and 4 impact who can report content by default. Moving forward, new repos will get a better default (letting prior contributors report content), but ultimately, we're putting the power in the hands of maintainers to decide how best to run their communities.

For questions or feedback, please visit our community.

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Maintainers of GitHub repositories can now use Category Forms to create templates for their Discussions, which means that users can start new discussions with all the necessary information already included. We hope this leads to less repetitive back and forth conversation with maintainers, as users are more likely to capture all relevant details in their first Discussion post.

Similar to Issue Forms, maintainers can create a discussion template, which will live in .github/DISCUSSION_TEMPLATE/. Each template will map 1:1 with the available Discussion Categories slugs. For example, the template for the “Announcements” category will be .github/DISCUSSION_TEMPLATE/announcements.yml. Once created, Category Forms in Discussions will be familiar to users who have seen them in issues:

Learn more about Category Forms
For questions or feedback, please visit our community.

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