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GitHub Discussions now available as a public beta

GitHub Discussions is now available as a public beta, providing you with a dedicated space for your community to ask and answer questions, and have conversations that are separate from issues in your repository.

Discussions work a lot like issues. However, with discussions you can also:

  • Mark questions with an answer
  • Convert issues into discussions
  • Categorize discussions – fully customizable
  • Have threaded conversations
  • Pin up to 4 discussions

We will continue adding more functionality based on your feedback, including adding Discussions to GitHub for mobile as a beta.

If you are an admin or maintainer of a public repository you can enable Discussions via repository settings for your community today!

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Companies can now invest in open source with GitHub Sponsors!

  • We’re launching GitHub Sponsors for companies in beta on December 8 (Tuesday) at Universe.
  • Self-service (payment via credit card or PayPal) orgs can sign up right away. During the beta, companies with invoiced accounts are not yet supported but can join a waitlist for updates.
  • Companies will be charged a 10% fee after the beta. We’re waiving the fee during the beta to thank early adopters for getting the program jump-started. After the beta, we will charge sponsors a 10% fee on top of the sponsorship amount to cover our operational costs.
  • We’ve added more discoverability with an improved Explore page.

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If you commit a secret to a public repository, the whole world can see it. GitHub secret scanning helps protect you from fraud and data breaches by scanning for leaked API tokens and, via our partners, automatically notifying you and/or revoking them.

In addition to our 33 existing partners, GitHub has now partnered with Doppler to scan for their API tokens. When we find a Doppler API token committed to a public repository we notify Doppler so they can automatically revoke it and notify the token owner. When we find a Doppler API token committed to a private repository with secret scanning enabled we notify the repository owner so they can take action.

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