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We are excited to announce the alpha release of Copilot in GitHub Support, a faster way to find answers to your GitHub related questions! Copilot in GitHub Support is an AI-powered assistant that answers questions based on our official GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.

Initially, we’re offering the Copilot experience to a limited number of randomly selected GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers. We hope to continue rolling out the experience to a wider audience over the coming months.

If your ticket is selected, you’ll be provided with an option to opt-in while creating your support ticket. During the alpha, GitHub will be reviewing answers provided and collecting feedback from participating customers to improve the accuracy.

Copilot in GitHub Support is part of our ongoing effort to make GitHub the best place for all developers to collaborate, innovate, and ship great software. We believe that Copilot in GitHub Support will enhance your experience and productivity.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning from your feedback.

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