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To enhance accessibility for our users, we have introduced a new accessibility setting that allows the underlining of links within text. It is important that links are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding text, which is achieved not only through color but also through additional styling.

For more information on this feature, please visit our documentation. Thank you for all your valuable feedback during the beta phase.

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By default, links within text blocks on GitHub are now underlined. This ensures links are easily distinguishable from surrounding text. If preferred, you can "hide" underlines for these links in the accessibility settings. More details can be found in the documentation – managing the appearance of links.

Should you encounter any issues with this feature during its public beta, please provide feedback.

Thanks for aiding our mission to enhance GitHub's accessibility!

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To improve accessibility for our users, we've introduced a new accessibility setting to underline links within text blocks. Links should be easily distinguishable from surrounding text, not just by color but by styling. You can now toggle an accessibility setting to either "show" or "hide" underlines for links in text blocks, ensuring clear visibility and differentiation. You can learn more about this functionality in the documentation.

During this public beta phase, your feedback is invaluable. If you spot a link within a text block that isn’t underlined when the setting is enabled, please let us know.

Thank you for supporting our commitment to making GitHub more accessible for everyone!

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