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Enterprise accounts on, created after June 2, 2024, along with organizations owned by these accounts, have access to the enhanced billing platform. This includes enhanced billing for Git Large File Storage (LFS). Enterprises who participated in the beta program also have access to this platform. Other Enterprise accounts on, and Free, Pro, and Team accounts, will gain access to the enhanced billing platform in the coming months.

The enhanced billing platform transitions Git LFS from a pre-paid, quota-based model (data packs) to a post-paid, usage-based model (metered billing). This new platform offers better spending control and detailed visibility, allowing for a clearer understanding of your usage with more granular controls.

Additionally, GitHub is increasing the free, included amount of Git LFS resources for Enterprise accounts on the enhanced billing platform. They will now receive 250 GiB of storage and 250 GiB of download bandwidth per month at no cost. Beyond these amounts, storage for Git LFS files will cost $0.07 per GiB per month (USD), and download bandwidth will cost $0.0875 per GiB per month (USD).

For more information, visit “About enhanced billing for Git Large File Storage” and “Using the enhanced billing platform for enterprises.”

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