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Starting today, we will begin work towards the sunset of tag protections, with a full deprecation planned for August 30, 2024. See below for a full sunset timeline. You can migrate existing tag protections with the import to ruleset feature.

We launched repository rules last year to meet the needs of tag protection rules, while also scaling support to provide new functionalities like org-wide rules, granular restrictions for creating, reading, and updating events, and a more granular bypass model that does not require repository administrator permissions. As we such, we will sunset tag protections in favor of our ongoing investment in the repository rulesets platform.

You can import existing tag protection rules today with the existing migration feature. If no action is taken before the sunset date, GitHub will migrate all existing tag protections into a corresponding ruleset.

When are changes happening? Timeline

  • May 30 : Repositories without tag protection rules will no longer be able to add new protection rules via the UI
  • July 24 through August 14 : A series of API brownouts will be run, see below for additional details on dates and times.
  • August 30, 2024: All tag protection rules will be migrated to a new tag ruleset. All REST and GraphQL API endpoints will be deprecated API Timeline

  • May 30: API responses will include a deprecation notice
  • July 24: 1 hour API brownout
  • August 7: 8 hour API brownout
  • August 14: 24 hour API brownout
  • August 30: The tag protection rule API will begin responding with NULL data
  • The tag protection rules API will be deprecated in the next calendar version

GitHub Enterprise Server Timeline

  • Version 3.14: Tag protection rules will be marked for deprecation with an in-product banner and API responses will include a deprecation notice
  • Version 3.15: No changes will be made
  • Version 3.16: Tag protection rules will be migrated to a ruleset and the tag protection rule feature will no longer be available

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