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GitHub Education now provides a safe place for students to take the first step in their open source journey with the launch of Community Exchange on GitHub Global Campus. Community Exchange offers students the ability to connect with peers to learn valuable skills to contribute to open source.


With Community Exchange, users can discover student created repositories and even submit a repository of their own. By submitting a repository a student can:

  • Get exposure for their repository by the nearly two million students on Global Campus
  • Build their portfolio by maintaining or contributing to repositories
  • Help other students learn
  • Grow their network

Community Exchange is available to all Global Campus students on their Global Campus dashboard. Students who haven't joined Global Campus can apply for GitHub Global Campus benefits.

To learn more about Community Exchange, check out our blog post.

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Big news for computer science teachers! Today, we invite teachers to join GitHub Global Campus, the new home for all computer science teachers at GitHub! On Global Campus, teachers can access education resources and learn about new programs and events-all in one place! Teachers can also:

  • Upgrade their GitHub organizations to GitHub Team.
  • Connect with the teacher community on GitHub Discussions.
  • Request swag for their classroom.
  • Manage active GitHub Classrooms.

If you’re a teacher, you can join Global Campus by completing a short application for teacher benefits. Once accepted, you will be officially welcomed as a Global Campus teacher. Once verified, you can access Global Campus anytime at

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