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The GitHub app is built on Slack’s workspace apps which is now deprecated. The legacy GitHub app will stop working on July 15, 2021. We have built a new version of our GitHub+Slack integration. You can just upgrade the app and get back to your work.
You can learn more about this upgrade here.

Along with this upgrade, we have also made few enhancements to the app.

Enhanced security for sign in experience

As part of this upgrade, we have also updated the sign in flow to have a multistep process with verification code. This is necessary to make sign in to GitHub from Slack more secure.

Branch filters for commit notifications

Commit notifications now support filtering based on branches. You can choose to filter on a specific branch, or a pattern of branches or all branches. You can find more details here.

Removed deploy support

Today, the functionality provided by deploy command is very limited and doesn’t address all the scenarios. We are removing this command support as part of this version. We want to relook at the scenarios and build a more holistic experience that customers need.

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