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Typeform is now a GitHub secret scanning partner

GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets. By identifying and flagging these secrets, our scans may prevent data leaks and any fraud associated with exposed data.

We have partnered with Typeform to scan for their access tokens and help secure our mutual users. Typeform API tokens allow Typeform users to create forms, retrieve responses, and configure webhooks. More information about Typeform API tokens can be found here.

We’ll forward access tokens found in public repositories to Typeform, who will verify and automatically disable the token. Typeform will then notify the user with the detection details (token name, where it was detected, and the token scopes).

We continue to welcome new partners for public repo secret scanning. GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets.

By default Codespaces time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. We’ve heard from many users that they have a desire to extend this up to an entire workday. You can now set a default idle timeout for your codespaces from five minutes to four hours, as well as override the idle timeout for an individual codespace using the gh CLI.

For more information, see “Setting your timeout period for Codespaces”.

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We’re consistently expanding the capabilities of projects (boards & tables) on GitHub, and we’ve got a handful of exciting updates and improvements launching today.

💫 View your boards by any field

When you are in the board layout, you can now pick any single select or iteration field to use for columns.

  • Open the view settings menu and select column field.
  • Choose any of the available single select or iteration type fields.
  • Drag and drop your items to update your selected field.

Board Columns v3 1

✅ Set fields to items added under a filter

No more disappearing items. When you add an item to a view with a filter, those fields will now automatically be set.

Adding under filter v3

👋 See your team

With our new presence indicators we continue to evolve the real-time experience in projects, you can see who on your team is making updates to the same projects you are. Presence indicators are currently only enabled for organization owned private projects.

floating heads v2 2

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Other changes include:

  • Clicking into the filter bar will now automatically add a space.
  • Bug fix where previous iterations would not display in the board layout.
  • Fixed an overflow issue with long view names.
  • Added the ability to filter by type, to switch between users or teams under the manage access settings page.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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