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The new GitHub Issues – November 18th update

After our GitHub Issues public beta announcement at GitHub Universe, we’ve seen teams start to engage with and adopt project tables, boards and all of our recently released features. Now that we’re in the public beta, we’re going to continue to ship on the same cadence we did during private beta (every 2-3 weeks), engage with your feedback, and deliver on the feature roadmap.

Here are the latest updates which are available to all projects on GitHub.

🔀 Re-orderable views

One of the most requested features in our feedback forum, you can now easily re-order views via drag and drop to get the perfect sequence.

🏈 Team permissions

The manage settings screen now supports adding permissions directly to GitHub Teams, making it even easier to ensure everyone has the right access level needed for your projects.

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Other changes this week include:

  • Clicking outside of the board will now de-select any selected cards on the board layout.
  • Resolved a problem where archiving all cards in a column would also archive cards filtered out. Now only visible cards will be archived.
  • To avoid confusion, we have disabled the New Field menu item when you are in the board layout.
  • Copying the contents of a board is now possible via cmd+c. To copy everything, combine this with meta+a to select all your cards.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.


It's now easier to debug problems with CodeQL code scanning: an optional flag in the Actions workflow file will trigger diagnostic data to be uploaded as an artifact to your Actions run. To do this, you can modify the init step of your Actions workflow:

- name: Initialize CodeQL
  uses: github/codeql-action/init@v1
    debug: true

The data will be uploaded as an Actions artifact named debug-artifacts, attached to the workflow run. Such artifacts contain CodeQL logs, CodeQL databases, and the SARIF files that were produced.

These artifacts will help you when you're debugging problems with CodeQL code scanning. When contacting GitHub support, they might ask for this data too.

Learn more about Troubleshooting the CodeQL workflow.

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You can now preview renderings of Markdown files that you edit in GitHub Gist.

It has long been possible to preview the Markdown rendering of file edits or comments on GitHub. But these Markdown previews weren't available for gist files. Now, when creating or editing a gist file with the Markdown (.md) file extension, a Preview or Preview changes tab will display a Markdown rendering of the file contents. This lets you easily switch between the source view and Markdown view of the file.


For more information about gists, visit Editing and sharing content with gists. Get started by creating a secret gist, or a public gist for sharing, at

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