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Not Just Code

cschneid and friends are working on a Sinatra book using Git and GitHub. Anyone can join in. They join the growing number of people using Git and GitHub to write…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Shirts

The 350 GitHub t-shirts we gave away at RailsConf 2008 last weekend were a huge hit! For anyone that wasn't there, the fronts say "fork you" and the backs say…

Tom Preston-Werner

Git over Bonjour

Chad Fowler and friends busted out the amazing gitjour this weekend at RailsConf. It's a simple RubyGem which lets you serve and clone git repositories over Apple's Bonjour. I'm at…

Chris Wanstrath

Meet the Developers

Meet the three gentlemen responsible for all your favorite GitHub bugs and features. PJ Hyett (pjhyett) is one of the two penmen behind popular Ruby and Rails tabloid rag Err…

Chris Wanstrath

Rolling with Engine Yard

The secret's out. Popular Rails host Engine Yard recently issued a press release titled GitHub and Lighthouse Tap Private Cluster from Engine Yard. In it you can find some choice…

Chris Wanstrath

More Fluid Tastiness

Welp, I finally upgraded to Leopard today. And you know what that means... Fluid! Now that I can run standalone GitHub, I thought it would be fun to play with…

Chris Wanstrath