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Frozen Rails Winner

Congratulations to Alastair! He won our Frozen Rails ticket. Alastair is a Ruby developer that hails from Trondheim, Norway. He has contributed to Rails and has a collection of open…

Kami Richey

Magma Rails Winners

The first of our tickets for Magma Rails goes to Fernando. Signing up in our first year, Fernando has been a GitHub member longer than the others who entered and…

Kami Richey

Magma Rails Ticket Give-away

It's time for another conference ticket give-away. This time it's for Magma Rails, a Ruby/Rails conference in Mexico. To celebrate their second year, we have 2 tickets to give away.…

Kami Richey

GitHub at RailsConf Baltimore

We'll be out in Baltimore next week, RailsConf'in around town, catchin' some rays by the harbor, seein' the sights. Did you know says "Baltimore-it's not so much a place…

Zach Holman

Grails y Git en Español

kinisoftware ha creado un vídeo en español explicando como preparar un entorno de desarrollo Grails utilizando también Git (con GitHub en remoto) y SpringSource Tool Suite. kinisoftware gracias!

Chris Wanstrath

Gemcutter Railscast

@rbates has a great (as always) screencast on Jeweler and Gemcutter. img Check it out and give Gemcutter a try! (mg looks like another good tool to help…

Chris Wanstrath

Grails Internals Handbook

Inspired by the Merb Internals Handbook, the Grails community has begun working on a handbook of their own: The Grails Internals Handbook. From the README: If you want to contribute,…

Chris Wanstrath

Groovy on Grails on GitHub

Grails, the high-productivity web framework for the Java platform, can now be found on GitHub at img Welcome, Grailers! Interested in Groovy or Grails? Be sure to…

Chris Wanstrath

Rails API with GitHub Links

This is just too cool. @voloko has created, a downloadable, smart searchable Ruby on Rails API with a great interface. img img img…

Chris Wanstrath

Updated Grails Mirror

There's now an unofficial but updated Grails mirror at Follow along and never miss a commit! img

Chris Wanstrath