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Push protection is enabled for free users on GitHub

We’ve started the rollout for enabling push protection on all free user accounts on GitHub. This automatically protects you from accidentally committing secrets to public repositories, regardless of whether the repository itself has secret scanning enabled.

If a secret is detected in any push to a public repository, your push will be blocked. You will have the option to remove the secret from your commits or, if you deem the secret safe, bypass the block.

It might take a week or two for this change to apply to your account; you can verify status and opt-in early in your code security and analysis settings. Once enabled, you also have the option to opt-out. Disabling push protection may cause secrets to be accidentally leaked.

Enterprise accounts now have a new root navigational experience, landing all users on an Enterprise Overview. Within this new page, GitHub Enterprise owners can create a README for their enterprise, which will be visible internally to all enterprise members. The Organization page still exists and can be found within the left-hand navigation of the enterprise account. This new experience is available on today and will be included in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.13.

To learn more, read our documentation on creating a README for an enterprise. To provide feedback about what you’d like to see on this new page, you may do so at anytime by clicking Give Feedback on the right-hand side of the new overview page, above the README.

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⏫ Copilot Code Completion model updated with more improvements

We’re excited to announce a new update to the model powering Copilot Code Completion across all IDEs! This update includes improved instruction following and performance improvement for our users. Here are the details:

  • Improved instruction following: Copilot can better understand and follow instructions given by the user. This means that Copilot is now better at generating code that matches the user’s intent and requirements.
  • Performance improvement: Finally, this model update includes a performance improvement for Copilot users. While this may not be noticeable in all cases, it can help make Copilot even faster and more efficient for certain tasks.
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