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Secret scanning’s push protection will soon be enabled for all free accounts on GitHub

Developers with free accounts on GitHub could enable secret scanning’s push protection at the user level since last August. This automatically protects you from accidentally committing secrets to public repositories, regardless of whether the repository itself has secret scanning enabled. On February 27, this feature will be start to be enabled automatically for all free accounts across GitHub.

If a secret is detected in any push to a public repository, your push will be blocked. You will have the option to remove the secret from your commits or, if you deem the secret safe, bypass the block.

You can enable this feature now in your user settings. After February 27, you can opt out of push protection and disable it. Disabling push protection may cause secrets to be accidentally leaked.

repository custom properties banner image

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Repository Custom Properties, a major enhancement to how repositories are managed and classified across GitHub organizations.

Properties offer a flexible way to add meaningful metadata to your repositories that simplifies repository classification, enhances discoverability, and seamlessly integrates with rulesets.

Check out this video from our own Jon Peck for a walk through of a common scenario.

New organization repositories list public beta

Starting today the new repositories list view moves to public beta.

Improvements to Repository Rulesets

Repository Rules now support adding Dependabot to bypass lists. This enables you to let Dependabot merge changes to a repository’s protected branch.

Learn more about managing custom properties for your organization and managing rulesets for your organization.

Head over to community discussions for feedback.

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On December 14, 2023, GitHub Actions released v4 of the actions to upload and download artifacts. This version improves upload/download speeds by up to 98%, addresses long-standing customer feedback requests, and represents the future of artifacts in GitHub Actions.

With the introduction of v4, we will be deprecating v1 and v2 of actions/upload-artifact, actions/download-artifact, and related npm packages on June 30, 2024. We strongly encourage customers to update their workflows to begin using v4 of the artifact actions.

In order to prevent issues for customers using GitHub Connect, the tags for v1 through v2 will not be removed from the actions/upload-artifact and actions/download-artifact project repositories. However, attempting to use a version of the actions after the announced deprecation date will result in a workflow failure. This deprecation will not impact any existing versions of GitHub Enterprise Server being used by customers.

This announcement will also be added to actions/upload-artifact and actions/download-artifact. Please visit the documentation to learn more about storing workflow data as artifacts in Actions.

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