Save the date! Game Off returns on November 1 for its 10th year! 🎉

Game Off is an annual game jam (or “hackathon for building games”) that’s a little different from most—it lasts for the entire month of November—not just a weekend, or a few days. It’s the perfect excuse to learn a new language, try out a new game engine, or even build your first game!

Team up with your friends, co-workers, or complete strangers—or participate by yourself. Use whatever programming languages, game engines, libraries, and assets you like.

We’ll announce the theme on November 1 at 13:37 PT and from there you’ll have 30 days to build something based on said theme. Previous year’s themes are shown below and they’re always wide open to interpretation:

Game Off I Forking, branching, cloning, pushing, pulling
Game Off II Change
Game Off III “The game has changed”
Game Off IV Hacking, modding and/or augmenting
Game Off V Throwback
Game Off VI Hybrid
Game Off VII Leaps and bounds
Game Off VIII Moonshot
Game Off IX Bug
Game Off X Sign up now and find out out November 1

Don’t know where to start? View the website for some great resources. The community forum and the Discord channel are also great places to introduce yourself, ask questions, and maybe even find a teammate or two.

Good luck, have fun, and sign up now

Animated, pixel art Monalisa Octocat