Last month, we challenged you to create a web-based game loosely built around the theme of forking, branching, cloning, pushing, and/or pulling for our very first game jam, the GitHub Game Off. There were over 1337 forks and almost 200 playable games at the end of the competition. Today, we’re announcing the winners!

Our panel of expert judges played and rated every game; the five winning entries below received the highest overall marks. We would also like to recognize six runners up and seven honorable mentions. Not only are all these awesome games free and available now for anyone to play, the source code is all publicly available on GitHub. If you’re inspired to learn about (or improve your skills with) game development, or even create your own game, just check out the repositories below.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who took part and made it a success! Special thanks to David Czarnecki, Eric Preisz, Matt Hackett, Romana Ramzan for judging all of the entries, and a nod of appreciation to David Farrell for allowing us to bounce ideas off of him.

The Game Off will be back in 2013! 🤘:hurtrealbad:🤘


Help Hotfix collect stargazers and avoid enemies. Collect commits to upgrade hotfix and add new features » play · source

Release Cycles
An abstract racing game where you fight against the clock and the computer to get as far as you can in a product’s life-cycle » play · source

Rock Kickass
Rock Kickass is a shoot’em up platformer about an android who can merge the code of the enemies he kills to gain their powers
» play · source

PolyBranch is a minimalist 3D game. Dodging branches may seem easy at first, but how long can you hold up as you approach terminal velocity? » play · source

Pappu Pakia
An addictive game where you guide little Pappu around obstacles while collecting coins, stars, and berries and avoiding enemies known as Pakias » play · source

Runners Up

Jetman jr
» play · source

Branching Out
» play · source

For King
» play · source

Octocat Jump
» play · source

» play · source

Fight Code
» play · source

Honorable Mentions

Genetic Drift
» play · source

Core Committer
» play · source

Raging Gardens
» play · source

» play · source

Clone Man
» play · source

» play · source

Push and Fork
» play · source


Did you know: you can continue your GitHub Game Off entries in the Mozilla Game On competition?

Mozilla Game On

You have until February 24th, 2013 to submit games in one of three categories:

  • Hackable Games – create games that let players remix game mechanics, fork code, or use assets from the web to create their own version (and maybe even learn how to code along the way).
  • Multi-Device Games – use the power of mobile to explore concepts like asymmetric gaming, alternate reality games, and companion apps. This category is searching for games that take advantage of the unique affordances of different platforms they inhabit.
  • Web-Only Games – create games that can only be played on the web. Get inspired by web-only mechanics such as sharing links and data, finding clues on the web that will help you advance in the game, always-on multi-player, and more—creating the most webilicious game possible!

Check out the Mozilla Game On website for more details.