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Game Off 2019 Winners

Thousands of game developers from all over the world participated in Game Off, our annual game jam celebrating open source. Let’s take a look at 2019’s winners.

Game Off 2019 Winners

Game Off, our month-long game jam, kicked off on November 1 when 4,000 participants were challenged to create a game inspired by the theme “leaps and bounds”. After a month of development, and a month of playing and voting, we’re happy to announce the winners across all of the different categories, as voted on by the participants themselves. Scroll on to see some pixel art platformers, roguelike puzzle games, point and click adventure games, and so much more.

Overall winners

First place: Sealed Bite

► Play (Windows, macOS, Linux) · View source (Godot, GDScript)

Sealed Bite is a pixelated platformer from @securas, where you’re against the clock to find crystal shards that prevent you from turning into a werewolf. Sealed Bite also came in first place for the Gameplay and Graphics categories.

A great, short metroidvania. Great polish for one month’s work! Five stars!” –

Second place: Retrochase

► Play (Windows) · View source (Unity, C#)

Retrochase puts you in control of a ninja from the future. You can’t walk, but you can teleport.

Really cool! I always like seeing new mechanics tried out in game jam games, and this is definitely something I’ve never seen before.” –KingEthaniel

Third place: BLAWK

► Play (Windows) · View source (GameMaker)

Forget Flappy Bird. BLAWK is a unique Windows game that won first in the Innovation category. It will frustrate and entertain for hours. 

Really creative idea and perfect for the theme.” –Kit9 Studio

Fourth place: The Gems

► Play (Web) · View source (Phaser, JavaScript)

The Gems is a delightful point-and-click, action-adventure game created by @sharpfives. Solve puzzles, fight enemies, and overcome leaps and bounds to help solve an important mission. The Gems won first place in the Audio category.

Awesome game, very polished for a game jam. And a really cool art style!” –dzejkop

Fifth place: Noneuclilypads

► Play (Web, Windows) · View source (LÖVE, Lua)

Noneuclilypads is a turn-based puzzle and roguelike game about breaking the bounds of the traditional grid.  Exist in multiple grid spaces at once, and leap across three cells in only a single step. This game won first place for the Theme Interpretation category.

A really well polished game, and the central mechanic was very interesting. The graphics were perfect, the controls were intuitive, and the gameplay was straightforward, yet deep.” –manicmoleman

But wait, there’s more!

Explore over 200 games that were created for Game Off, including retro games for the Commodore 64, roguelike shooters, mobile puzzle games, and more. There’s bound to be something for everyone.

Let us know what your favorites are <3


Thank you to everyone who took part in making Game Off possible (and fun). We can’t wait to see you later this year for the next Game Off.

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