When we first started GitHub Sponsors, our idea of success was to support maintainers across the world and get more funding into the open source community. Recently, Caleb Porzio was able to make $100k per year working on open source projects, funded by sponsors in the program. We’re thrilled to start seeing the community’s engagement and success with GitHub Sponsors now that there are shining examples of maintainers able to support themselves full-time through the program. And we’re barely over a year old!

We can’t wait to hear more success stories about how GitHub Sponsors is helping to fund open source projects. With regions being added all the time, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see more of these success stories worldwide.

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Now available in Malta and Cyprus

We’re on our way to making GitHub Sponsors available everywhere GitHub does business, and we’re excited to welcome Malta and Cyprus to our community. It seems like just yesterday we launched Sponsors and now that we’re a little over a year old, we’re up to 34 supported regions!

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Over the last several months, we…

Thanks to YOU 💖

With the open source community’s participation and feedback, we’re overflowing with ideas on how to make Sponsors more widely available, easily accessible, and lightweight to use. We couldn’t have done it without you, and can’t wait to reach even more open source maintainers throughout the world.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or getting sponsored? Learn more from our post about Getting started with GitHub Sponsors.

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