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GitHub Sponsors: Sponsorship goals

As a sponsored developer or organization, you can now set funding goals and share them with your sponsors.

You can set goals for the amount of money you’d like to be sponsored for each month, or for the number of active sponsors you’d like to have. You can also share the success with your community when you hit your goals.

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In the billing tab, you can now get a detailed breakdown in CSV format for metered resources including Actions, Packages, and Storage.

The usage report provides the following information:

  • Date
  • Product (Actions, Packages, or Shared Storage)
  • Repository Slug
  • Quantity Consumed
  • Unit Type (Machine Minutes or GB)
  • Price Per Unit (USD)
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Team sync support for Okta is now in limited beta for GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers. Team sync allows organizations to sync Okta groups’ members to teams in GitHub. To use it, your organization needs Okta configured as an external identity provider at the organization level and SCIM enabled. During the beta period we will add support for enterprise account-wide Okta integration.

Please contact your account owner for beta registration.

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