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GitHub Sponsors is out of beta for sponsored organizations

Have your team join Homebrew and JuliaLang, along with over 500 other organizations, in sponsoring open source projects, and the people behind them.

GitHub Sponsors is out of beta for sponsored organizations

In November, we announced the beta enabling organization accounts to receive funding through GitHub Sponsors. This feature is now available in 32 regions, and we’re working hard to expand to everywhere GitHub does business.

Extending support for the community

The world runs on open source. None of it would be possible without the global team of maintainers who devote themselves to pushing technology forward. We started GitHub Sponsors to help financially support the developers who build the open source software you use every day. Now, we’re extending support to teams of developers too, through organization sponsorship. And since GitHub covers payment processing costs (that’s right—zero fees), one-hundred percent of the sponsorship goes to the sponsored project.

We’re reaching new heights together

Over 500 organizations joined GitHub Sponsors during the beta, and those numbers will grow even faster now that it’s out of beta in 32 regions. Thanks so much to the teams who offered to be part of the beta and gave such helpful feedback.

“With GitHub Sponsors, we’ve been able to connect directly to our users for financial support. Thanks to their generosity, we’ve been able to purchase hardware needed for maintainers to build and test software that Homebrew packages. Integration with GitHub means maintainers can spend more time making Homebrew better, and less time fundraising.” 

@jonchang, maintainer of @homebrew

“ESLint uses GitHub Sponsors to collect donations from our users. Because GitHub is trusted by the developer community, our users know that 100% of their donations are going directly to the project.”

@nzakas, member of @eslint’s Technical Steering Committee

“GitHub Sponsors is helping us get the funding we need to provide the fixes and new features our users want.”

@danrabbit, founder of @elementary

“GitHub Sponsors has helped us drive brand awareness among developers and give back to an open source cause we’re passionate about, while incurring negligible cost. GitHub makes it easy to build goodwill around your brand—what does that usually cost?”

@wbharding, CEO of @gitclear

Join GitHub Sponsors to get funded as an organization

Take the next step at your organization and help support open source.

  • If you have a corporate bank account set up for your open source organization, visit to sign up to become a sponsored organization.
  • If your organization doesn’t have a bank account but you’re ready to receive funding, sign up with a fiscal host. We partnered with Open Collective to make it easy, but you’re free to use other fiscal hosts like NumFOCUS or the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Learn more about joining as an organization

There’s more to come!

This is still the beginning for GitHub Sponsors. We’re so excited to build out more tools for open source projects to receive funding while keeping the process as easy and lightweight for open source maintainers.

Join GitHub Sponsors

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