Open source is built by a global community. And we’re all part of a global software team, so expanding opportunities to participate on that team is at the core of our mission. GitHub Sponsors is now available in Mexico, and it’s just one exciting step on the path of helping all developers make a career out of their open source work. Keep an eye out as we continue to expand the program to developers worldwide!

GitHub Sponsors is now out of beta in Mexico!

You can sign up now if you have a bank account in Mexico or any of the other 31 countries where Sponsors is out of beta. Join the waitlist to receive updates when we expand to new countries.

Updates to improve your experience

We’ve also released a number of improvements for sponsored developers to help you get started and stay in touch with your sponsorship activity.

Get started with GitHub Sponsors

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsored developer but don’t know where to start, we released a guide to help you navigate your way.

Check out the guide to get started

Explore your activity feed

Keep track of everything that’s happening to your Sponsors listing in the new activity feed. Follow new sponsorships, tier changes, and more from the Activity tab on your dashboard.

Learn more about your activity feed

Export a list of your sponsors

We know that you need better visibility into who your sponsors are and how much they’ve provided in order to efficiently handle accounting, reward fulfillment, taxes, and more.

Now, you can export your sponsorship transactions from the Your Sponsors tab on your dashboard. We’ll export each sponsor’s name, email, sponsorship start date, and details about their transactions with you in CSV or JSON format.

Automate with webhooks

You can also set up webhooks for events in your sponsored account. Use webhooks to notify you when you receive a new sponsorship, automatically invite new sponsors to your chat channel, and more!

Get into automating tasks with webhooks

More improvements for the community, by the community

We’re not the only ones working to make Sponsors better for everyone. Check out these open source projects built by the community: