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Unboxing fork improvements

Unboxing fork improvements

We’re always trying to improve the GitHub developer experience in meaningful ways, and we love learning from our customers. In the last several months we released several new fork capabilities, and we’re publishing revised fork documentation that gives more details with clearer explanations to make fork concepts easier to understand.

Jamie Strusz
Example screenshot showing math support in markdown

Math support in Markdown

Mathematical expressions are key to information sharing amongst engineers, scientists, data scientists, and mathematicians. Today we are pleased to announce that math expressions can be rendered in Markdown on GitHub using $$ as a delimiter for code blocks with math content or the $ delimiter for inline math expressions.

Martin Woodward & Tali Herzka

GitHub Mobile and GraphQL

GitHub’s mobile applications have used GraphQL to power new features. We’ve now been able to move faster and get more done with less hassle and no over-fetching. We were able…

Hesham Salman