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Martin Woodward


VP of Developer Relations

(De)coding conventions

Navigating the ebb and flow of programming paradigms–from the shifts in the JavaScript ecosystem and TypeScript's rise, to AI's role in advancing accessibility, and strategies for encouraging non-code contributions–tune in to the latest episode of The ReadME Podcast for more.

Bridging code and community

Bridging code and community

Explore the impact of non-code contributions—and why they are often undervalued, the challenges of using open source in regulated environments, and the art of managing projects at the scale of Kubernetes, now on The ReadME Podcast.

Example screenshot showing math support in markdown

Math support in Markdown

Mathematical expressions are key to information sharing amongst engineers, scientists, data scientists, and mathematicians. Today we are pleased to announce that math expressions can be rendered in Markdown on GitHub using $$ as a delimiter for code blocks with math content or the $ delimiter for inline math expressions.

GitHub Welcomes the OpenJDK Project!

GitHub Welcomes the OpenJDK Project!

Earlier this month we were thrilled to welcome the OpenJDK Community to GitHub. The communities migration effort, codenamed Project ‘Skara’, brought JDK 16 main-line development into GitHub. The JDK project is at the…