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Into Grails? Check out GrailsCrowd - the new Grails community site. Hosted right here on GitHub, they've already got over 750 registered members. Nice works guys. ![](

Chris Wanstrath

RailsConf Git Talk

If you didn't catch Scott's awesome Git talk at Railsconf today, you missed out. Luckily he's posted his slides at

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub at RailsConf

RailsConf 2008 (and CabooseConf) is about to begin. If you're heading to Portland, say hi. We'll have t-shirts and stickers, as well as a big banner in the Engine Yard…

Chris Wanstrath

Rails Moving to Git

Ruby on Rails is moving to Git and GitHub. Super cool. I particularly like the comment from AkitaOnRails: Right now, everybody is playing catch-up with Git, Git-svn and Github, no…

Chris Wanstrath

Git Support for Rails Plugins

Installing a Rails plugin from GitHub is now as simple as: ./script/plugin install git:// Sweet! Thanks to all involved for making it happen, the changeset is here. Now, to figure…

PJ Hyett