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GitHub Copilot Enterprise on GPT-4o

GitHub Copilot Enterprise features on and Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile are now powered by the latest model from OpenAI, GPT-4o. You can now chat with faster response times and better quality responses leveraging the latest training data. After an extended evaluation, we’re excited to bring these improvements to our enterprise and mobile users.

GitHub Enterprise administrators now have a better user experience on the Enterprise Licensing page ``. We have revamped the Enterprise Cloud content to make the data more intuitive and straightforward, saving you time when managing your licenses.

  • Enhanced Usability: The Enterprise Cloud card has been updated to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Further, we’ve simplified how license usage is presented for enterprises using the Visual Studio Subscription with GitHub Enterprise license bundle, making it clearer and easier to understand your usage metrics.
  • Optimized CSV Download Experience: The Licensing page’s CSV download feature has been improved to provide better feedback on the report’s status. For reports that have a large volume of data, we will now email the CSV report to you once it’s ready to avoid confusion and unnecessary waiting.

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Secret scanning validity checks are now generally available.

Starting today, validity checks will be included in the ‘GitHub recommended’ setup through code security configurations and will be enabled for any newly attached repositories.

Please note that on July 24, validity checks will also be enabled retroactively for any repositories that had attached the GitHub recommended configuration before July 2, 2024. If you wish to directly manage feature enablement moving forward, we recommend unattaching the recommended configuration and attaching your own custom configuration to those repositories.

Learn more about secret scanning and validity checks

GitHub secret scanning lets you know if your secret is active or inactive with partner validity checks. These checks are run on an ongoing basis for supported providers for any repositories that have enabled the validity check feature; you can also perform on demand validity checks from the alert details page.

Learn how to secure your repositories with secret scanning, participate in the community discussion with feedback, or sign up for a 60 minute feedback session on secret scanning and be compensated for your time.

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