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Introducing Copilot Extensions: everything you need to know to get started

Introducing Copilot Extensions: everything you need to know to get started

We have published a new guide to Copilot Extensions within the Copilot Partner Program (CPP) on our partners page. To currently build extensions, you need to be part of the CPP. Click here to read the full article and learn more about the program.

Since the initial beta release of the Copilot User Management API, we’ve heard feedback that obtaining the full set of Copilot seats and their associated activity status has been cumbersome. Many enterprise admins did not have the necessary “write” permissions and needed to iterate over multiple organizations’ data due to the lack of an enterprise endpoint.

With today’s update, we’ve added a centralized enterprise endpoint for listing Copilot seats and associated metadata across the enterprise. We have also updated the necessary scope to read:enterprise. Now, all enterprise admins can quickly gather their enterprise’s Copilot seats details with just one API request!

Likewise, for existing, non-destructive endpoints on the User Management API, we have updated all minimum permission requirements to read from write.

Check out our updated documentation to learn more and try it out today! You can share your feedback with us in this discussion.

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CodeQL, the static analysis engine that powers GitHub code scanning, can now analyze C# projects without needing a build. This public beta capability enables organizations to more easily roll out CodeQL at scale. Previously, CodeQL required a working build to analyze C# projects. By removing that requirement, our large-scale testing has shown that CodeQL can be successfully enabled for over 90% of C# repos without manual intervention.
This new way of analyzing C# codebases is now enabled by default for all code scanning users on CodeQL CLI users can enable this feature using the build-mode: none flag, starting with version 2.17.6.

Repositories with an existing code scanning setup, default or advanced, will not experience any changes. If code scanning is working for you today it will continue to work as-is, and there is no need to change your configuration.

  • Repositories using code scanning default setup will automatically benefit from this new analysis approach.
  • Repositories using advanced setup for code scanning via workflow files will have the option to choose a build-mode. The default value for newly configured C# repositories will be build-mode: none.
  • CodeQL CLI users will not experience any change in the default behaviour, for compatibility with existing workflows. Users that want to enable this feature can now use the --build-mode none option. Generally, you should set the --build-mode option when using the CLI to make it easier to debug and persist the configuration should default behaviour change at any point in the future.

The new mechanism for scanning C# is available on and will be available with CodeQL CLI 2.17.6. While in public beta, this feature will not be available on GitHub Enterprise Server for default setup or advanced setup for code scanning. As we continue to work on scanning C# projects without the need for working builds, send us your feedback.

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