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You can pick your account during device flow login

If you are signed into multiple accounts on, you'll be able to pick between them when you sign in using the device flow. This authentication method is typically used for console applications, like the GitHub CLI and remote use of VS Code.

An account picker showing 3 accounts - one signed in with a green "Continue" button, another signed in with a "Select" option, and a third that's signed out, with a "Sign in" button. Above the picker it reads "Device Activation"

For more information about using multiple accounts, see "Switching between accounts".

GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets such as tokens and private keys. By identifying and flagging these secrets, our scans help prevent data leaks and fraud.

We have partnered with Canva to scan for their tokens to help secure our mutual users in public repositories. Canva tokens enable users to perform authentication for their Canva Connect API integrations. GitHub will forward any exposed tokens found in public repositories to Canva, who will then rotate the token and notify the user about the leaked token. Read more information about Canva tokens.

GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan for and block Canva tokens in their private repositories.

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GitHub Codespaces will promote the current beta host image configuration to stable on 16 January as part of regular maintenance for hosts. This change includes major version updates to the Docker engine and Docker Compose packages installed on the host as well as several minor version updates. These changes should not impact development container configurations.

If your dev container depends on Docker compose, please test the beta image to ensure that your dev container does not require changes. For more details about the specific changes, see our documentation regarding host image configurations here. You can test the beta host configuration with your own codespaces by selecting the beta host image in your personal settings.

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