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Copilot in JetBrains IDEs – Chat is now available in private beta + New welcome guide

Copilot Chat in JetBrains IDEs is now available in Private Beta

We are happy to announce that a private beta of GitHub Copilot Chat is now available for users of JetBrains IDEs, including IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, Android Studio, and more.
GitHub Copilot Chat is a powerful AI-assistant capable of helping every developer build at the speed of their minds in the natural language of their choice.

This private beta is available to Copilot Business customers and Copilot Individual users.

To get access to the private beta, sign up for this waitlist.

GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC) administrators interested in participating in the private beta should reach out to your GitHub account manager or contact our sales team to make the feature available for your enterprise.

We’d love your feedback on this new release. Please use this link to share your feedback or ideas on how to improve the product.

Copilot Chat in IntelliJ

A new Copilot welcome guide is available for JetBrains IDEs

We recently introduced a new welcome guide in our Copilot for JetBrains IDEs extension. Now you will be guided through the various features of GitHub Copilot and how to make the most of it!

Copilot welcome guide in IntelliJ

The welcome guide will activate when you install the GitHub Copilot plugin.

Secret scanning will now detect the following non-provider patterns:

  • HTTP basic authentication header
  • HTTP bearer authentication header
  • MongoDB connection string
  • MySQL connection string
  • Postgres connection string
  • OpenSSH private key
  • PGP private key
  • RSA private key

Detection of these patterns must be enabled within a repository or organization’s security settings by checking the box next to “Scan for non-provider patterns.” Resulting secrets will appear in a new, separate tab on the secret scanning alert list called “Other.”

screenshot of secret scanning alerts showing a tab called Other with alerts for five non-provider patterns

Detection of non-provider patterns is currently in beta and is available for enterprises with a GitHub Advanced Security license only. Additional patterns will be added throughout the beta.

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Subversion brownouts

As announced earlier this year, GitHub is removing support for the Subversion protocol. Before permanent removal, we're running two brownouts where we will temporarily disable Subversion support.

Those brownouts are scheduled for:

  • An 8 hour period on November 13, 2023, from 14:00 – 22:00 UTC / 7:00am – 3:00pm Pacific
  • A 24 hour period beginning December 5, 2023 at 10:00 UTC / 2:00am Pacific and ending at the same time on December 6

As a reminder, Subversion support will be permanently removed on January 8, 2024.

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