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Introducing Actions on the Repository view on GitHub Mobile

Actions on GitHub Mobile

Actions are coming to your Repositories on GitHub Mobile! Find all your repository's workflows in one convenient place.

Tapping on the new "Actions" row on a Repository now shows you a list of all of the Repository's workflows. Choosing a workflow will show you all of its runs, allowing you to check up on things while on the go. If you want to dig into the details, tapping on a run will lead you into the familiar workflow experience we brought you last year to explore everything from a run's overall status to its individual jobs and even logs.

A run didn't go as planned? No problem. Toggle the new debug-switch when re-running a workflow to see what's going on under the hood, just like you would on

Read more about GitHub Mobile and share your feedback to help us improve.

Previously, all attached (drag-and-dropped) images and videos on GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, Discussions, and wikis were available to view without authentication if you knew their direct URL. Now, future attachments associated with private repositories can only be viewed after logging in. This doesn’t apply retroactively to existing attachments, which are obfuscated by having a long, unguessable URL.

Email notifications sent from private repositories will no longer display images; each image is replaced by a link to view it on the web. Content inside a Git repository is not affected by this change and has always required authentication for private repositories.

Learn more about attaching files.

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We are introducing a new method for incorporating LaTeX-based mathematical expressions inline within Markdown. In addition to the existing delimiters, we now support delimiting LaTeX-style math syntax with dollar signs and backticks (for example, $`\sqrt{3}`$). This new syntax is especially useful if the mathematical expressions you're writing contain characters that overlap with Markdown syntax.

To learn more about using mathematical expressions within Markdown on GitHub, check out "Writing mathematical expressions" in the GitHub Docs.

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