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Introducing Actions on GitHub Mobile

Actions on GitHub Mobile

Actions are coming to GitHub Mobile! You can now view and manage your pull requests on the go.

Tapping on checks when viewing a pull request now leads to a vastly improved experience, including the ability to view a workflow-run, its jobs and even the logs of completed steps inside.

A run did not go as planned? No problem. GitHub Mobile now supports re-running single jobs, failed jobs as well as entire workflows directly from your mobile device. For checks that are already running, support for cancellation has been added as well.

Read more about GitHub Mobile and send us your feedback to help us improve.

As previously mentioned, starting today, all Sponsors profiles will have custom amounts enabled by default. This means if you have a GitHub Sponsors profile, people can sponsor you for a dollar amount they choose, rather than just the amounts you published. This will simplify setting up Sponsors profiles as well as make it easier for users to make sponsorships.

For maintainers who did not have custom amounts previously enabled, and therefore had no minimum, we set a minimum based on their lowest tier value. If you prefer to change your minimum custom amount, you can do so via the Sponsors dashboard. Learn more about managing sponsorship tiers.

Custom sponsorship amounts settings on the Sponsors dashboard page

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GitHub's audit log allows admins to quickly review the actions performed by members of their Enterprise. It includes details such as who performed the action, what the action was, and when it was performed. GitHub's audit log provides users with the ability to export audit log activity for your enterprise as a JSON or CSV file download. Moving forward, customers can expect to see the following enhancements to their audit log exports:

  • Audit log exports will contain the same fields as the REST API and audit log streaming, bringing consistency across these three audit log consumption modalities.
  • actions events will be present in audit log exports.
  • For Enterprises who have enabled the feature to display IP addresses in their enterprise audit logs, IP addresses will be present in audit log exports.
  • Audit log exports will be delivered as a compressed file.
  • Audit log JSON exports will be formatted with each line of the JSON file contains a single event, rather than a single JSON document with an array containing all the events as array elements.

This feature will be gradually enabled for an increasing percentage of GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers with a goal of 100% enablement by October 28, 2022. Should you encounter a problem with your audit log exports, please reach out to GitHub Support for assistance.

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