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Hiding whitespace is now remembered for each pull request

The diff setting to hide whitespace changes in the pull request Files Changed tab is now remembered for you for that pull request. You no longer need to re-enable it when you switch to another tab or when you come back to the same pull request later.


Learn more about reviewing proposed changes in a pull request.

We have graduated twenty-three of the twenty-five existing previews that were in our REST API.

Previously, REST API consumers needed to pass in a custom media-type via an HTTP accept header (example: Accept: application/vnd.github.ant-man-preview+json) with requests to get additional response fields or to be able to access specific endpoints.

The following are REST APIs that still require the accept header:

  • content_references (corsair preview) application/vnd.github.corsair-preview+json

  • code_of_conduct (scarlet-witch preview) application/vnd.github.scarlet-witch-preview+json

The header is no longer needed for the other twenty-three REST API previews that have been graduated.

For the remaining two previews the plan is to sunset the previews later this year. We are actively reaching out to any consumers of the REST APIs of those previews.

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Since our last update, we’ve continued to improve the GitHub Issues beta to expand the capabilities of both project tables and boards. Here are some of the recent ships:

🌀 Iteration field type

Build tempo with our new field type – iteration. With iterations you’ll find it easy to keep everyone aligned on what’s in progress and make jobs like cycle planning a breeze.

Designed to take the manual pain away from creating new iterations every week, iterations are a smooth and streamlined experience.

  • Create a new field, and select the iteration type. Here you can pick the start date and length of the iteration.
  • Hit save and create, and we will auto add 3 instances of the iteration to get you started.
  • Easily create more in the settings screen.
  • Filter, sort, and group by just like you would any other field.

iteration field

✋ Granular permissions

Project access you control. With our new manage access tab it’s easy to set up the right permissions for your project.

  • Select a base role for your organization – admin, write, read or no access.
  • Manage individual access for collaborators.
  • Support for teams and external collaborators coming soon.permissions

    ✨ Bug fixes & improvements

  • We reduced the number of confirmation toasts to help keep you in the zone.
  • Updated icons for draft and closed PRs.
  • Fixed an edge case where the issue suggester could include the issue you just added, which would result in an error.
  • Cards in the board are no longer selected when performing a meta+click on the title.
  • Bug fix where the e and del shortcuts in the board layout we overriding the repo picking during convert to issue.
  • In the table layout, you can now hide a column that has a group by applied.
  • Previously a new project needed items added before you could add columns – now you can start with columns or items.

See how to use GitHub for project planning on the GitHub Issues page and learn more in the FAQ.

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