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GitHub’s supply chain security features now support Go modules

In May we announced that GitHub Advisory Database now includes Go advisories. Today we're excited to announce that all of GitHub's supply chain security features are available for Go modules, which will help the Go community discover, report, and prevent security vulnerabilities.

Learn how each of GitHub’s supply chain security features works with Go modules on the GitHub blog.

🌏 Today we're releasing a new beta feature that allows you to translate GitHub Discussions content into different spoken languages. This initial beta release includes support for Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and English, and we plan to add support for more languages soon.

This beta feature is now enabled for all users. To try it out, configure your web browser with Korean or Brazilian Portuguese as the default language, then navigate to any GitHub repo that has Discussions enabled. Click the overflow menu beside any discussion comment and you'll see a link to translate it to your preferred language:

translation screenshot

To see some popular communities using GitHub Discussions, check out

📣 Got feedback?

We'd love to hear what you think of this new feature and how it can be improved. Please join the discussions below to share your feedback.

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