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GitHub Advisory Database now includes Go advisories

The GitHub Advisory Database now includes sixty curated Go advisories and will continue to grow as we curate existing and new advisories for the Go ecosystem. The addition of Go brings us to seven ecosystems including: Composer (PHP), Go, Maven, npm, NuGet, pip, and RubyGems. We are also in the process of reviewing repository security advisories for Go packages for possible inclusion in the GitHub Advisory Database.

Support for Go in dependency graph and Dependabot alerts and security updates will be available in the future.

Labels and a new announcements category format are now available as part of the GitHub Discussions public beta. Labels will help maintainers triage and organize their discussions. When creating a new custom category, maintainers may now select the Announcements format where only maintainers and admins can post discussions to these categories.

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For questions or feedback, visit GitHub Discussions feedback.

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers will now be able to approve domains for email notification routing that they are not able to verify. Enterprise and organization owners will be able to approve domains so that they may immediately augment their email notification restriction policy, allowing notifications to collaborators, consultants, acquisitions or other partners.

This capability, along with the generally available feature enterprise verified domains, will ship to GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2.

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