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GitHub Mobile now supports GitHub Releases!

The latest version of GitHub Mobile includes native support of GitHub Releases:

  • View your repository's releases on the go.
  • Read release notes to keep up with everything new in the projects you care about.
  • Download the release assets right from your phone!

Read more about GitHub Mobile or GitHub Releases.

Dependabot can now access dependencies from authenticated private registries, such as GitHub Packages, Azure Artifacts, and Artifactory. These private registries are similar to their public equivalents, but they require authentication and are only available to members of your team or company. With this release, Dependabot version updates can help keep inner source as up-to-date as open source.

To enable this feature, add a registries section to your dependabot.yml, reference your new registries in the relevant updates, and add any secrets to Dependabot’s secret store. For example, here’s how to use GitHub Packages with Dependabot:

    type: npm-registry
    token: ${{secrets.GITHUB_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN}} # make sure to store this in your Dependabot secrets!

    package-ecosystem: npm
    directory: "/"
      - npm-ghp-octocat
      interval: daily

This complements your ability to give Dependabot version updates access to private repositories, which is common for ecosystems like go modules and npm.

Learn more about Dependabot version updates

To see what’s next for Dependabot, visit the public roadmap

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