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Ayman Nadeem


CodeGen: Semantic’s improved language support system

The Semantic Code team shipped a massive improvement to the language support system that powers code navigation. Code navigation features only scratch the surface of possibilities that start to open up when we combine Semantic‘s program analysis potential with GitHub’s scale.

Disable GitHub Projects

Disabling projects

Not every team manages their work on GitHub in the same way. Now you can disable repository and organization-wide Projects if you're not using them. Users with admin privileges on…


Reorder issues within a milestone

Milestones and labels are a handy way to group and organize your issues, but sometimes it’s helpful to indicate which ones you or your team want to focus on first.…


Drag-and-drop tasks in Markdown task lists

You can now move checklist items around just by dragging and dropping them. Reorder items quickly and easily without editing the original comment's Markdown. How to re-order task list items…

Insert a saved reply

Saved replies

We know from community feedback and open source projects (like @notwaldorf’s Chrome extension) that replying with the same response to Issues and Pull requests over and over can be tedious.…