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Release Radar · Spring 2023 Edition

It's been a while since we've published our Release Radar. You can blame IRL conferences coming back, getting influenza, and being struck down by the weather. But those are just…

Release Radar · Spring 2023 Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve published our Release Radar. You can blame IRL conferences coming back, getting influenza, and being struck down by the weather. But those are just me problems. While I’ve been down or travelling, the community has been hard at work shipping new releases and new projects. So, we thought we’d combine the last few months into the Spring Release Radar. Sorry for those in the Southern Hemisphere—yes, that includes me—where it’s been autumn. Or, as the Americans would call it, Fall.

QuestDB 7.0

We’ve featured QuestDB in the May 2021 Release Radar. Over the last two years, the team at QuestDB have been busy working on this time-based database. I even contributed to QuestDB during Hacktoberfest. This project is focused on performance and simplicity. It’s built for real-time analytics of any scale using SQL. The latest update implements a new storage engine layer, and also introduces a Way Ahead Long (WAL) to improve data ingestion speed, concurrency, and reliability. QuestDB 7.0 also packs a new UI for the SQL web console. You can check out the SQL console and look through the demo.

Microsoft Kiota 1.0

I’m a Microsoft fan girl and I love when Microsoft releases new open source projects. You know Microsoft is the biggest contributor to open source on GitHub, right? Kiota is a modern client code generator for OpenAPI and REST. Kiota supports multiple languages, provides model classes, a chained API surface, and more. It’s lightweight, and enables selection of the API that you need to call rather than the entire API. This first version comes with C# and dotnet languages as stable language, with Go, Java, TypeScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and CLI as preview languages. Congrats to the team shipping the first major release 🥳.

JSON Crack 3.0

We featured JSON Crack in last year’s August Release Radar. Since then, the team has shipped a bunch of new features making this visualisation tool even cooler. There’s a brand new smick UI, and new account and cloud functions. There’s also lots of new things for you to do, including edit nodes on a graph, display path to knows, and fetch JSON through URLs. Check out all the changes in the release notes.

Yachay AI 1.0

Yes, everyone is talking AI, so we couldn’t not include an AI project. Yachay AI is a natural language model that predicts geo-coordinates from only text inputs. It’s built through deep learning and is a project designed to help more people dive into building deep learning models. What’s really cool is that you can visualise the output. For example, a map will display showing the geolocation of various social media posts. Congrats to the team shipping your first major release 🥳.

Chat Analytics 1.0

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, and, no, Chat Analytics has nothing to do with ChatGPT! Chat Analytics is a web based app that takes chat exports from various support platforms and generates a single HTML file containing information, statistics and interactive graphs. It’s been in development for two years and is now all packaged up for use. Congrats on shipping your first major release 🥳.

Zammad 6.0

Are you looking for a web-based help desk? Then Zammad is your answer. This customer support support helps you manage customer issues and reports from various online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and chat applications. The latest update includes a new mobile view, the ability to detect duplicates, and integration for Microsoft Teams. Check out all the updates in the Zammad changelog.

NUKE 7.0

Automate everything. Well, everything you can automate. That’s where NUKE comes in. It can help you build automation by resolving many common build automation problems. These include parameter injection, path separator abstraction, access to solution and project models, and build step sharing across repositories. NUKE can also generate CI/CD configurations for you. The latest version update brings a myriad of changes, fixes, and additions. You can filter through them all on the changelog. The main change is that Nuke.Common is split into multiple packages, allowing more fine-grained references and easier updates.

VineJS 1.0

Node.js is always featured heavily in Release Radars and this edition is no different. VineJS is a highly performant and type-safe validation library for Node.js. It’s one of the fastest validation libraries out there can can be used to validate the HTTP request body in your backend applications. Read all about VineJS on their website. Congrats to the team on shipping your first major release 🥳.

Ionic Framework 7.0

You can never have too many frameworks, so here’s another. Ionic is a UI toolkit for building mobile apps using web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It works with other popular frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. The latest changes include the ability to write declarative overlay components, a simplified form control syntax, and event emission consistency improvements. There’s also improvements to the performance of tabs switches in Ionic React and Ionic Vue, plus component initialization in Ionic Angular. Finally, IonSlides have been removed in favor of using Swiper.js directly. IonVirtualScroll has also been removed in favor of solutions provided by more JavaScript Frameworks. Read up on all the changes on the Ionic blog.

LocalStack 2.0

Cloud services are a big part of our current technology. LocalStack is a cloud service emulator that runs in a single container on your computer, or in your CI environment. With LocalStack, you can run your AWS or Lambda application entirely on your local machine without connecting to a remote cloud provider. This is super helpful if you’re on the road, in the air, or have slightly dodgy internet like I have in Australia! The latest update improves integration across AWS and the whole system has been optimised better for local machines. Check out all the changes in the release notes.

Release Radar Spring

Well, that’s all for this our Spring release picks. Thank you to everyone who submitted a project to be featured, and we’re just sad that we couldn’t include them all. Whether your project was featured here or not, congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release. It doesn’t matter if this was your project’s first version, or you launched version 23.0.

If you missed our last Release Radar, check out the amazing open source projects that released major version projects during the festive season. We love featuring projects submitted by the community. If you are working on an open source project and shipping a major version soon, we’d love to hear from you. Check out the Release Radar repository, and submit your project to be featured in the GitHub Release Radar.

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