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Release Radar · August 2022 Edition

We've been gearing up to launch GitHub Universe 2022 and our community has been launching cool projects left right and center.  These projects include everything from world-changing technology to developer…

Release Radar · August 2022 Edition

We’ve been gearing up to launch GitHub Universe 2022 and our community has been launching cool projects left right and center.  These projects include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend hobbies. Here are some of the open source projects that released major version updates this August. Read more about these projects in our latest Release Radar, and maybe think about contributing.

Docusaurus 2.0

People often forget that Facebook produce some of the top open source projects around. React is one and Docusaurus is another. It’s a project for building, deploying, and easily maintaining open source project websites. Docusaurus is designed so developers can get started as quickly as possible. You can customise pages how you like and even translate your documentation. Version two has been rebuilt meaning everything is more stable and flexible. Read more about the Docusaurus story on their blog.

Buffalo 1.0

Go is a language that has recently gained more traction. Buffalo is here to help developers who are building with Go. Buffalo is a Go web development environment that is more than just a framework. It helps you generate web projects that are hooked up and ready to go. It’s a full web development environment, allowing you more time to dive right into building your project. Congrats on shipping your first major release 🥳 . Plus you have to check them out for their super cute logos.

OpenLayers 7.0

How often could you surf the web without looking at a map? Think about. Going to a new location, looking for store opening hours, or planning your next holiday. Maps are part of our internet experience. That’s why something like OpenLayers is really important. It’s a library for creating interactive maps on the web. The latest version includes lots of new features such as making better maps. Things like adjusting the scale, proper map refreshes, better map rendering and more. There’s hundreds of changes to OpenLayers and you can read them all in the release notes.

Diesel 2.0

The more I go to conferences, the more I hear about Rust and where it’s heading. Well, Diesel is here to make sure Rust stays alive. Diesel is a lightweight query builder that “feels like Rust”, that is for Rust. The latest release has some new features including lots of added queries and support for new version. Scroll through the full list of changes on the Diesel Changelog. And if you’re looking to switch over to 2.0, the team have created a handy migration guide.

Freshenv 3.0

Developers love their command lines. Working in a CLI can help you save loads of time. Freshenv is one such CLI that helps you build and develop your projects more quickly. You can save your environments, build custom environments, and work in an isolated environment. Freshenv 3.0 provides cloud features, meaning you can store and fetch your environment directly from your online cloud account.

JSON Crack 2.0

Previously known as JSON Vision and featured in the February Release Radar, JSON Crack allows you to visualise your JSON data. There’s lots of new features including the ability to download and share your graphs, view your data in full screen, and more.

Simple Data Analysis 1.0

SDA or Simple Data Analysis, is a library based on D3 modulesObservable Plot and Lodash. Both D3 modules and Observable Plot have been featured here in the past. They allow developers to understand and visualise data in graphs, plots, and more. SDA aims to do something similar, but with less code. This opens the world of JSON and data visualisation to more than just developers. Congrats on shipping out the first major version, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

JDSP 2.0

If you took Maths at University or College, you probably remember MATLAB, a programming platform used to analyse, program, and visualise mathematical equations. JDSP is a library that provides more functionality for MATLAB. It allows users to filter, transform, detect, and more in MATLAB. JDSP 2.0 brings a new module for speech processing, more filters, and more render capabilities.

Snap 8.0

Created and maintained by University of California, Berkeley, Snap is a programming language for teaching adults and kids how to code. It’s inspired by Scratch and uses visual, blocks-based, programming. There’s tonnes of new features in the latest update including a new “Menus” library, lots more categories, more choices, and lots of new primitives. Read all the changes in the release notes and encourage your friends to try out Snap.

Heroicons 2.0

From Tailwind Labs comes Heroicons, a set of beautiful-looking, hand-crafted SVG icons. There’s everything here that you need for your next website or design project. You can download them directly from the website, or grab the Figma files. The newest update is a brand new icon set which includes outline, solid, and mini icons, as well as a website redesign.

Release Radar August

Well, that’s all for this month’s top release picks. Congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release, whether it was version 1.0 or version 8.0. Continue the awesome coding work! If you missed our last Release Radar, read up on the amazing community projects from July.

We love featuring projects submitted by the community. If you are working on an open source project and shipping a major version soon, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our new Release Radar repository, and submit your project to be featured in the GitHub Release Radar. Plus we’re excited to share with you even more cool community projects and people. These will be showcased at GitHub Universe this year. Grab your ticket and join us in person or online.

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