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What you can expect at GitHub Universe 2022: cloud, security, community, and AI

Register now to attend GitHub Universe virtually or in-person at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on November 9-10.

What you can expect at GitHub Universe 2022: cloud, security, community, and AI

The wait is over: tickets for GitHub Universe are now available. For the first time in two years, our 2022 event is hybrid. This means you can curate your own experience on November 9-10. Venture out to San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts or join us online in your sweats, because this year’s event—like every Universe for the past eight years—will bring together the very best thought leadership, trends, innovation, networking, and hands-on learning experiences.

Whether you’re taking your global enterprise to its next chapter, scaling your startup, or making your first open source contribution, Universe has something for you. With a focus on moving to the cloud, harnessing the power of AI, open source, and securing your code every step of the way, Universe will also spotlight what’s next for the future of software. Let’s build from here.

If you’re already sold on coming to Universe no matter what the rest of this blog post says, then start your registration below.

Ticket types

Thanks to our hybrid model, there’s a ticket type to suit everyone. First things first: make sure to take advantage of our early bird pricing. From now until September 30, you can purchase any of our passes with an early bird discount of 20%. No code needed—your discount will be applied automatically.

In-Person passes

These tickets are for those who want the full Universe experience. With the option of Day passes, General Admission passes, or VIP passes, you’ll have access to a range of what Universe has to offer depending on your selection. All of the in-person passes include:

  • Entry to all content track sessions in Main Stage, Garden Stage, and Screening Room
  • Meet experts at the Demo Stage, Demo Kiosks, and at #AskGitHub
  • Entry to one hands-on workshop (additional registration is required starting October 11)
  • Access to all virtual and on-demand content

VIP Passes also include special entry into the Blue Shield of California Theater for daily keynotes, featuring GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke and other industry experts.

Take a look at previous Universe events to get a peek at what’s in store for you this year.

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Virtual experience pass

If you can’t make it in-person, don’t sweat it. A virtual ticket includes free access to all Universe 2022 content, including the daily keynotes, 80+ sessions across our learning tracks, and hands-on content.

Head on over to to register for any of these passes. Now, let’s delve into the learning tracks.

What’s new at Universe 2022? Only everything.

The question isn’t “What am I going to learn at Universe this year?” It’s “What am I not going to learn?” With more than 80 sessions covering cloud, security, community, and AI learning tracks, there’s no shortage of topics to immerse yourself and your teams in. Stay tuned for a full line-up of sessions coming in mid-October.


What does productivity look like when developers are given a powerful platform in the cloud? Scary fast. Learn how different industries best use software in the cloud to enable collaboration, accelerate productivity, and transform their businesses.


Is securing your code an aspiration, or actually an achievable goal? This track will cover tooling, techniques, and best practices for securing the software development lifecycle end-to-end. Learn how some of the world’s most successful teams work together to ship secure software at scale, including best practices for managing risk and remediating vulnerabilities.


AI is changing the way we work, and redefining what’s possible across consumer experiences, business operations, and developer productivity. In this track, find out how organizations, the community, and GitHub are making use of machine learning to build innovative solutions to today’s problems. And to top it off, you’ll even get to explore how to make use of GitHub to improve your developer workflows, and begin—or scale—a journey into AI.


Open source is undisputedly the backbone of the world’s software. In this track, you’ll get a better understanding of ways open source impacts you and your business, how you can get involved, and how innersource can break down silos in your own organization and create successful teams.

Now’s your chance to experience it all

Take a look at the ticket pass options and register now while early bird pricing is still available. And don’t forget to follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #GitHubUniverse. We’ll see you there!

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