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Release Radar · June 2022 Edition

It's been a crazy couple of months with the end of financial year and lots of products shipping. Our community has been hard at work shipping projects too. These projects…

Release Radar · June 2022 Edition

It’s been a crazy couple of months with the end of financial year and lots of products shipping. Our community has been hard at work shipping projects too. These projects can include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend hobbies. Here are some of these open source projects that released major updates this June. Read about these projects, and browse their repositories. There seems to be a bit of a Node.js theme this month.

Grafana 9.0

We featured Grafana 8.0 in the August 2021 Release Radar. Nearly 12 months later, this platform for  querying, visualising, alerting on, and understanding your metrics is now updated. Version 9.0 has hundreds of changes, bug fixes, and enhancements. There’s a new UI query builder for Prometheus queries, new filter options, a Loki query builder, new heatmap panel, and heaps more. You can read about these major changes in the Grafana 9.0 highlights, or crawl through the full release notes for all the changes.

Fastify 4.0

We featured Fastify 3.0 in the January 2021 Release Radar. Now after more than two years, their next major version is available to the public. Fastify is a fast, low resource, web framework for Node.js. The latest version comes with an even faster system, synchronous route registration, and new Pino transports. Read all these changes and more on the blog. Congrats to the team on shipping this major release after more than a year of development 🥳.

Pino 8.0

Well, Fastify added new Pino transports because Pino got an update too! If you’ve got the need to constantly log information, then it’s important for those log messages to use minimal resources. You don’t need your logs taking up all your compute power. That’s where Pino comes in handy. It’s a logger for Node.js that uses very minimal resources. The latest update includes asynchronous logging by default and support for Error.cause. Check out the release notes for all the breaking changes.

whylogs 1.0

Speaking of logging, logs can be a nightmare when everyone’s logs are formatted and logged differently. Whylogs is looking to change that. It’s an open source library for logging all types of information and data. Users can generate summaries of their datasets, track changes, and quickly visualise them. Congratulations to the team on shipping their first major release 🥳.

Git Stats 3.0

Want to see your Git stats? Even from the command line? With Git Stats, you can view your local Git statistics directly from your terminal. It looks just like a GitHub contribution graph. Make sure you’re using version 3.0 as this latest version has updated dependencies and restructured code base.

ZX 7.0

Sure Bash is great, but it’s not too fun when it comes to writing complex scripts. JavaScript is a good choice, but not everyone wants to use all the Node.js libraries. Why not have the best of both worlds? ZX is developed by Google and the community to give developers a way to write better scripts. It provides useful wrappers and sensible defaults. Version 7.0 is fully rewritten in TypeScript, and covers 99% of code! Check out the changes in the changelog.

Prisma 4.0

There’s definitely a lot of Node.js happening this June. Prisma is used for building data-driven JavaScript and TypeScript apps. It’s designed to help developers build these faster an in a more readable format. The new version brings improvements to all Prisma’s products, including Prisma Migrate, Prisma schema, and Prisma Client. There’s improvements to availability, new client APIs, and more. Read all about them in the Prisma release notes.

CodeStream 13.0

Learning is really important, and one of the best ways developers learn is by discussing and reviewing code together. CodeStream is built by New Relic as a place for developers to discuss, compare, and learn code together. It’s available as an extension for JetBrains, VS Code, or Visual Studio. CodeStream’s version 13.0 comes with improvements to their integration with GitHub pull requests.

Capri 4.0

Some websites are really simple, and some are really complex. More complex websites generally require more power and load time. Capri aims to address this by creating static sites that support islands architecture. This type of website design provides better accessibility and faster load times. It’s a relatively new term and you can read more about island architecture from Jason Format. Capri‘s latest update brings support for Svelte. Whilst this is Capri 4.0, the team only launched 1.0 in June! Congrats to the team on the fast ships 🥳.

EvoBot 2.0

Discord bots are great ways to engage your community. They automatically post updates, replies and more to keep your users engaged. EvoBot is here to add music to your Discord server. Built on Node.js, this bot allows you to play music to your server direct from YouTube or Soundcloud. Check out the project and add some music to your community.

Release Radar June

Well, that’s all for this month’s top release picks. Congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release, whether it was version 1.0 or version 13.0. Continue the awesome coding work! If you missed our last Release Radar, read up on the amazing community projects from May.

We love featuring projects submitted by the community. If you are working on an open source project and shipping a major version soon, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our new Release Radar repository, and submit your project to be featured in the GitHub Release Radar.

And if you’re looking for another way to get your releases out to your community, why not use GitHub Discussions? Projects are using GitHub Discussions to notify their users of a release and receive immediate feedback.

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